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8 for the '80s

By Travis Greenwood

Travis GreenwoodHello, hello and welcome to 8 for the '80s! In this column, we'll be sharing eight topical links, videos, and memes from the worlds of film, music, television, celebrity, art, toys, fashion, technology, pop culture, and beyond, all filtered through a totally bitchin' '80s perspective.

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And we're back! 8 links, each with an '80s twist.

1. An MP3 player only shaped to resemble a Walkman (do kids today even understand the concept of a rewind button?).

Walkman shaped MP3 player
Buy | Via: The Awesomer

2. The NYT reports on Vanilla Ice's new career as a home contractor and flipper.

Vanilla Ice is a flipper

3. Jabba the Hut visits the planet of Hoth.

Jabba the Hut snow sculpture

4. The crane kick sequence from The Karate Kid gets the 8-bit treatment.

The Karate Kid crane kick sequence shirt gets the 8-bit treatment
Buy: Found Item Clothing | Via: Shirtoid

5. Is Harrison Ford returning to the Blade Runner franchise?

Blade Runner - Harrison Ford

6. Old School Cats.

Old School Cats: Run DMC album
Via: The Kitten Covers

7. '80s New Wave stalwarts Dexy's Midnight Runners have reformed. A new album will drop later in the year (June 4th), to be followed by a long string of tour dates. Embedded below is a clip that sneaks a peak at their new material.

Via: Stuck in the '80s

8. More chatter about the much-delayed, will-they-or-won't-they Ghosbusters sequel.

Will they make another Ghostbusters movie?

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