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8 for the '80s

By Travis Greenwood

Travis GreenwoodHello, hello and welcome to 8 for the '80s! In this column, we'll be sharing eight topical links, videos, and memes from the worlds of film, music, television, celebrity, art, toys, fashion, technology, pop culture, and beyond, all filtered through a totally bitchin' '80s perspective.

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Another week, another batch of totally bitchin' '80s links, as collected from Internet spots both big and small.

1. Here's a video supercut of pizza in movies. Of interest to the '80s enthusiasts are clips from Sixteen Candles, Loverboy, Stripes, E.T., Do The Right Thing and more!

See a full list of the source films at BuzzFeed.

2. Private Joker of Full Metal Jacket meets The Joker and a comedic mashup ensues.

Private Joker of Full Metal Jacket meets The Joker and a comedic mashup ensues.
Via: It Goes To 11

3. Mr. T has joined Twitter. #shutupfool

Via: Time

4. Here's a Gremlin sculpted from snow but that begs the immediate question: what happens when it melts?

Gremlin snow sculpture
Via: Obvious Winner

5. Here's a massive nostalgia bomb that will dump all over your childhood.

80s Smash t-shirt
Available on tee shirts at RedBubble.

6. The T-800 finally gets his hoverboard.

The T-800 finally gets his hoverboard.
Via: The Thomas Wilson

7. Marko's amazacrazy jacket from The Lost Boys was sold at auction. Totally jeals.

Marko's amazacrazy jacket from "The Lost Boys" was sold at auction.
Via: The Prop Store

8. Earth's Mightiest Heroes breakfast at Shermer High.

Via: BuzzFeed

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