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8 for the '80s

By Travis Greenwood

Travis GreenwoodHello, hello and welcome to 8 for the '80s! In this column, we'll be sharing eight topical links, videos, and memes from the worlds of film, music, television, celebrity, art, toys, fashion, technology, pop culture, and beyond, all filtered through a totally bitchin' '80s perspective.

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1. Great Scott, it's a Flux Capacitor tattoo!

Flux Capacitor tattoo
Via: Fashionably Geek

2. A classic Buellerism, as scribbled on the wall at Toronto's boho boutique, the Drake Hotel.

Via: It Goes to 11

3. Super Mario, parodied via a graphic degree of in-game violence. Ah, the kids today...

Via: Screen Rant

4. On a related note, the clip embedded below traces the history of 8-bit art from its genesis in the late '70s to its resurgence today as a go-to medium for contemporary designers and musicians.

Via: PBS arts | Laughing Squid

5. The retro recreationists at Found Item Clothing have released their second t-shirt of the year, the Crossbow Project shirt. Yoked around a Real Genius (1985) reference (that makes 6 such tees now!), the design pays tribute to the fictional weapon of the same name that appears early in the film's conspiratorial prologue.

The Crossbow Project shirt
Buy: Found Item Clothing

6. Our friends at Stuck in the '80s list 10 Reasons Every '80s Fan Should See Rock Of Ages.

Rock Of Ages
Via: Stuck in the '80s

7. 8 evil corporations from sci-fi, including 3 with origins in the '80s.

Evil Corpotions from 80s sci-fi
Via: Movies.com

8. Did Han and Chewie make the Cannonball Run in less than 12 parsecs?

The Kessel Run
Via: Geeks Are Sexy

9. Bonus entry: the Wyld Stallyns meet the Ex-Presidents in Break The Bank, a faux trailer with '80s accents developed by Portland filmmaker Brett Roberts for a film comp sponsored by Bad Ass Digest. Exercise your constitutional rights and vote for it here!

Via: It Goes to 11

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