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8 for the '80s

By Travis Greenwood

Travis GreenwoodHello, hello and welcome to 8 for the '80s! In this column, we'll be sharing eight topical links, videos, and memes from the worlds of film, music, television, celebrity, art, toys, fashion, technology, pop culture, and beyond, all filtered through a totally bitchin' '80s perspective.

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Another week, another batch of awesome '80s links, as collected from Internet points both big and small..

1. Can this thing really hit 88 miles per hour?

Can this thing really hit 88 miles per hour?
Via: Nerd Approved

2. Now this what I call Fine Art...

movie mashup poster art
Via: Gallery 1988 Tumblr

3. Yoda origami with but a single sheet of paper. Make it, you will.

Via: Manmadediy

4. Fancy yourself a graphic designer? Try your hand at this poster contest themed around 1985's Real Genius. Prizes include cash, t-shirts, a modest dose of Internet fame, and the plushest bunny slippers ever!

Real Genius Poster Contest
Via: Found Item Clothing

5. Our tee of the week aggregates famous sweaters from a wide assortment of pop culture touchstones, and of them, about half have '80s pedigrees. How many can you identify?

Famous Sweaters Shirt
Via: Found Item Clothing  | Answer key here.

6. On a related note, you can buy Ferris Bueller's leather jacket for a cool 20K.

You can buy Ferris Bueller's leather jacket for a cool 20K.
Via: Stuck in the '80s

7. What could have been: Indiana Jones & The Monkey King.

Indiana Jones & The Monkey King
Via: Mental Floss

8. '80s or '90s? You make the call.

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