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80s Cartoons - Intros

Hulk Hogan, Alvin & The Chipmunks, He-Man, She-Ra, Bravestarr, Thundercats, Robocop, & Trap Door



Ulysses 31, Pole Position, Gummi Bears, Count Duckula, Denver The Last Dinosaur, Silverhawks, Care Bears, & Heathcliff   Voltron, Jem, G.I. Joe, Mysterious Cities of Gold, Super Mario Bros., Challenge of the Gobbots, Spiderman and His Amazing Friends, Muppet Babies, The Raccoons, Bananaman, & Chip n' Dale: Rescue Rangers
Kidd Video, The Family-Ness, Pound Puppies, The Raggy Dolls, Garfield and Friends, The Smurfs, Kissyfur, Ghostbusters, Thundarr the Barbarian, & Superted   C.O.P.S., Chuck Norris, Around the World With Willy Fog, Dino-Riders, Galaxy High, Get Along Gang, Spiral Zone, Dennis the Menace, Ovide, & Galaxy Rangers
Captain N, Bionic Six, Mr. T, Dinosaucers, Star Wars: Droids, Ewoks, Jimbo and the Jet Set, Blackstar, Dogtanian, & Poddington Peas   Robotech, Inspector Gadget, Bangers and Mash, Rambo, The Wuzzles, Shirt Tales, Saber Rider, Police Academy, & Teddy Ruxpin
The Shoe People, Doctor Snuggles, Pac-Man, The Legend of Zelda, Rainbow Brite, Fantastic Max, Henry's Cat, Snorks, Lazer Tag Academy, Teen Wolf, Beetlejuice, Turbo Teen, & Incredible Hulk    


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