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80s Party Costume Ideas: Breakdancer

Grab your boombox, throw on your kicks, adjust your wristbands and layout your cardboard. It’s time to get your break on.

Fashion is as much a part of a breaker’s identity as are their moves. The key is to keep it “fresh,” functional, and uniform. You’ll need:

•  Clothes (fitted is best):

- Nylon track suits or
- Jeans with hooded sweatshirt (bubble vest optional)

•  Shoes (shown with pics below):

- Adidas shell toes with fat laces
- Classic Pumas track shoes w/ FAT laces
- Classic Converse (Chuck Taylors)


•  Hat:

- Winter hat: aka beenie or skully
- Kangol (like a beret - only with nylon track suit)

•  Accessories:

- Wrist bands / head (sweat) bands
- Ski goggles
- Fingerless leather gloves
- White gloves (like a mime users - poppers used these)

•  Props:

- Boombox blasting some sick beats
- Oversized piece of cardboard
- Bring a friend or two that matches your look and now you have not
  only a great look, but a real crew.


Adidas Shell Toes Pumas for Breakdancing costume Converse Chuck Taylors

We have provided some links to the right to buy some of the items suggested above to pull this great 80s costume together.

A big thanks goes out to site reader, Christian, for his help with the best details to make this costume as authentic as possible.  Thanks!!

Needing some inspiration for those fly moves of yours?  Check out this classic breakdancing video clip for some pointers.  It is battle scene from "beat Street."

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