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Chris Knight of Real Genius 80s
Costume Idea

Chris Knight Costume Idea

The good folks at Found Item Clothing developed this costume, and we are sure glad they did. 1985’s “Real Genius” was a great movie. Directed by Martha Coolidge (also director of “Valley Girl”), this movie has it all -- love, coming of age, action, good defeating evil and the likes of both Deborah Foreman and Val Kilmer (playing the lead role as Chris Knight). Val Kilmer is a pleasure even if he had the IQ of a door, but make him a genius and he’s downright irresistible. Plus, a crowd with the wherewithal to fill a house with popcorn or convince Kent that he’s talking to Jesus, is my kind of crowd.


This costume is what Chris Knight wears to his interview. The alien head bobbers are a must-have element of the costume. Check out the video below to see the scene from the movie with this getup. I think I’ll wear some alien head bobbers to my next job interview, how about you?

Chris Knight Costume Elements:


Watch Chris Knight wearing his "I Love Toxic Waste" costume in "Real Genius"

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