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80s Party Costume Ideas: Hey Mickey

You're So Fine You Blow My Mind

Had this 80s jewel on 45 - remember those?  Saved up my allowance and bought it at the mall.  This is a great period-piece 80s costume - who doesn't remember that video?  Freshen up that memory and watch the Mickey music video here.

Here are the essentials:

Outfit - Cheerleader outfit - if you don't already own one, try out the one shown to the right.

Hair - High, pig tails - best if you have dark hair.


Makeup - Too much for any real cheerleader.  Heavy, eye makeup, bright red lips, and lots of 80s-style blush in a sharp line across your cheek.  Tip: to achieve the necessary severity, you can hold something straight like an envelope across your cheek, then apply the blush heavily above it.  The result is that distinct line of blush on the cheeks - very 80s!

If you're stickler for details, you can always cover up the "Spartans" in the cheerleading outfit above and replace it with "LVH" which is what appears on Toni's uniform in the video.

Make Toni Basil proud and practice the cheers.  And, don't forget the pom-pom balls for the tops of your tennis shoes!  In case you need help making the pom-poms, here's a help how-to:; Pom-poms for shoes how-to: http://www.ehow.com/how_5087883_make-cheerleading-pompoms-shoes.html.

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