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80s Party Costume Ideas: Mullet Man

Business Up Front . . . Party in the Back

As the name implies, the key to this 80s costume is the hair.  Once you have that covered, you are sure to be boss, Haus.  Assuming you don't actually have a mullet (please say you don't!), you will need a wig.  You can follow the link to the right to get your mullet on.


If you're really lucky, you might find a hot little Mall Rat that just can't wait to run her fingers through your mane event.

Other elements to round out this gnarly 80s costume include:

- Black muscle tee (heavy metal concert tee preferred)
- Bandana tied around neck (nothing says "take me seriously" like the neckerchief)
- Work boots
- Tight jeans (bonus points for acid washed)
- Search Amazon for Mullet Costumes

Photo Top Left: Oops, this Mullet Man forgot his black muscle tee - SWEET!

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Frightening how similar this wig is to our real life sample mullet man shown to the left.

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