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80s Costume Pictures


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My husband and I dressed TOTALLY 80s for a Halloween party this year. I went very "MADONNA" (Borderline / Lucky Star / Desperately Seeking Susan time period) with the black lace hair scarf, black sunglasses, star earrings, TONS of rosaries, pearl and bead necklaces, black leather jacket, black and silver bustier dress, black lace fingerless gloves, black and silver bangle and rubber bracelets, black capri tights, ankle boots, and a silver glitter microphone. I crimped, teased, & hair sprayed the HELL out of my hair!!! and of course, I was chewing gum too :D My husband rocked the crazy 80s hair, bandana, sunglasses, rocker t-shirt, rocker tattoos, rocker bracelet, faded torn-up jeans, and a guitar. We had a blast!!!!! Your website gave us a lot of ideas so THANK YOU!!!!!! :D -- Rochelle

See all the fab pics of Rochelle and her hubby below!

Want to join in the fun?! Tell about your 80s costumes and by all means, send us your pictures. 

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80s Costumes

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