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80s Party Costume Ideas: Preppy

To capture the essence of the classic 80s preppy look, we highly recommend The Official Preppy Handbook - it is funny and scarily dead on in its descriptions of this culture sub-set.

For this 80s party costume, you can mix and match lots of different pieces - whatever you have on hand or can borrow.  So many of the preppy-style clothes have come back or never went out of style and so are readily had new in the stores.


Here are some ideas:

Lacoste polo or Polo polo in a bright color, preferably pink or green, with the collar up
Khaki knee-length skirt or plaid wrap skirt
Khaki pants
Grosgrain belt
Sweater tied around shoulders
Tretorn tennis shoes or penny loafers
Understated hair and makeup
Add-a-bead necklace
Anything Lilly

Pretty in Pink offers some good examples of the high school preppy look in the "richies."  Not that you need any excuse to re-watch that fabulous movie, but if you did, there it is.  It is research.

Like Totally 80s has this question: how do you really spell "preppie," or it is "preppy?"

Photo at Right: Charlotte York (Kristen Davis) in her preppy clothes during a Sex & the City 80s flashback. Note her sweater tied around the shoulders and ankle socks with the pink puff ball on the back.

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Learn all you need to know about being Preppy:

The Official Preppy Handbook


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