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Ronald Reagan Mask and Costume

Ronald Reagan Mask and CostumeWell [said in your best Ronald Reagan voice], what better 80s icon to pay homage to with your next 80s costume than the leader of the free world through most of the decade, our geriatric president, Ronald Reagan. Even if you can’t explain what Reaganomics were, you can still lead the party with this costume. Heck, he was even voted Time Magazine’s person of the year in 1980.  

And, the bonus is, unlike Reagan’s trickle-down economics, this costume is easy to pull together. You really only need two elements:

You’ll want to remind fellow party goers to “Just Say No” (or, maybe not).

If you want to practice your best Ronnie impression, take a moment to watch him in this short video highlighting Reagan’s sense of humor:


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