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80s Cover Bands – Like Totally Awesome Live 80s Music


Planning an 80s party or fundraiser? You need live 80s music to Rock the Casbah and keep it Alive n Kickin! Our list of 80s cover bands to help you plan a bitchin 80s party.

Eastern US

  The Breakfast Club - www.thebreakfastclub.com
  GAZPACHO - www.gazpachoonline.com
  Power Balladz - http://powerballadz.com
  Amethyst - http://amethyst80s.com/ (New Jersey)
    Read an article about Amethyst.
  80 Waves - www.80waves.net (New Jersey)
  High In the Mid 80s - visit their Facebook page (New
  Max Headroom - www.maxheadroomrocks.com |
   Facebook | Myspace (New Jersey)
  The Engagements - www.theengagements.com (New York)
  Decadia - www.dec8dia.com (New York)
  Guilty Pleasures - www.guiltypleasuresband.com | Facebook (New York)
  Rubix Kube - www.rubixkube.com | Facebook (New York City)
  Totally 80s - www.totes80s.com (Western Pennsylvania)
  The Ronald Reagans - www.theronaldreagans.com

Listen to music samples from High In the Mid 80s, whose hometown is Somerset, New Jersey:

  She Blinded Me with Science (Thomas Dolby)
  Burning Down the House (Talking Heads)

Based in Brooklyn, New York, The Engagements provide live 80s music!  Listen to samples of their music:

  Close To Me (The Cure)
  Sweet Dreams (Eurythmics)
  Thriller (Michael Jackson)

Mid-Atlantic US

  The Legwarmers - www.thelegwarmers.com (Arlington, VA)
  Neon Radio - www.neonradioexperience.com (Raleigh/Durham, NC)
  Long Duk Dong - www.longduk.com (Washington DC)

Rubix Cubed - 80s Tribute BandSoutheast US

  80z All Stars - www.80zallstars.com (Florida)
  The Molly Ringwalds - themollyringwalds.com
  Rubix Cubed - www.rubixcubedband.com (Florida)
  SWITCH - Back to the 80's - www.iloveswitch.com (Florida)
  DecaDance Unit - Facebook (Miami, Florida)

In Florida, Rubix Cubed provides live 80s music!  Listen to samples of their music:

  Video Killed the Radio Star (The Buggles)
  She Bop (Cyndi Lauper)
  I Ran (Flock of Seagulls)

Midwest US

  Retrobution - www.retrobutionmusic.com | Facebook (Dayton, Ohio)
  80s Proof - Facebook (Youngstown, OH)
  The Atari Age - www.theatariage.com (Illinois)
  System 80 - www.system80band.com (Illinois)
  The Mega 80's - www.mega80s.com (Detroit, Michigan)
  Hair Mania – www.hairmaniarocks.com/home (Michigan)
  About Last Night... - www.reverbnation.com/aboutlastnight4 (Kansas City)
  Fast Times - www.facebook.com/fasttimeskc (Kansas City)

South US

  Rubiks Groove - Facebook | Learn More (Nashville, Tennessee)

Western US

  80 Degrees - 80degreesband.com (California)
  Platinum Rock Stars - www.platinumrockstars.com (California)
  Flashback Heart Attack - www.flashbackheartattack.com (California)
  Long Duk Dong - Find them on Facebook (Palm Springs, California)
  Flashpants - www.flashpantsband.com | Facebook (Los Angeles, California)
  That Eighties Band - www.eightiesband.net (Denver, Colorado)
  Less Than Zero - Find them on Facebook (Colorado)
  Pete N Kelly - http://petenkelly.wordpress.com/ (Honolulu, Hawaii)

Southwest US

  Hot Reagan - www.HotReagan.com (Utah)
  Valley Girl - www.valleygirlband.com (Texas)
  Loveshack (Las Vegas, Nevada)
  WhipIts (Las Vegas, Nevada)
  80's & Gentlemen - Facebook | YouTube (Tuscon, Arizona)

UK & Europe

  Wild Boys - www.wildboys80sband.co.uk (UK)
  Footloose - www.footloose80s.com (UK)

  Svigermord - www.svigermord.com (Norway)

Australia & New Zealand

  The Jandal Brothers - Find them on Facebook

Contact us to let us know what other 80s cover bands you have heard.

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