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80s rubix cubeWhether we were phoning home or defending the world against evil with GI Joe figurines, the pop culture of the 80s truly defined the era. Between the world's obsession with the Cold War and scandals like the Iran Contra Affair that rocked the globe, it's a wonder we had time for any fun at all.

Ironically, fun was what the 80s were all about. Not only did we rock out with our leggings and My Little Ponies, but the pop culture of the 80s brought us hours of fun-induced headaches with Rubik's Cube and competitive hair teasing. By the power of Greyskull, we HAD the power, and most of all, we wanted our MTV.


Whether you're still trying to clear the last level on Pac-Man or desperately trying to achieve the super-cool Sonny Crockett look, here at Like Totally 80s, we have all the pop culture references you need to go back . . . back to the future. So wind your Swatch watch, fill your mouth with Pop Rocks and Coke, and get ready to take roll. Bueller . . . Bueller . . . Bueller . . .

80s Culture Stories

You know you grew up in the 80s if . . .
MTV's Origins in the 80s
Famous People of the 1980s
Time Person of the Year (1980-1989)
80s Jokes
Advice from 80s Music
Like, a Rad 80s Letter
Scratch and Sniff Stickers by Trend
80s Slang – It’s, like, toooo bitchin’
Fruit Stripe Gum
Rock Star / Model Couples of the 80s
Sugar in the Morning ... Breakfast Cereals of the 80s
Breakdancing in the 80s
Roller Skating in the 80s
Hulk Hogan: Larger Than Life
The Clapper
Metal Lunchboxes
Slim Goodbody
Time for Timer!
Holly Hobbie
Double Dutch Much?
8-Bit Art
Handclap Games of the Eighties
Nestea: Taking the Plunge
Best-Looking Celebrity Dudes of the 80s
Best-Looking Celebrity Babes of the 80s
Television Workouts of the 80s
Note Passing in the 80s
Latch Hook Rugs in the 80s
Waterbeds in the 80s
Choose Your Own Adventure
Phone Home
Bitchin’ 80s Internet Memes
A Love Letter to a Big Stinker: Polo Cologne
Gleaming the (Rubik's) Cube
Scent of the 80s
Pinterest - Our Most Pinned Stories
Word Up – 80s Additions to the OED
The Prom Theme Song
The 80s Signoff
Besties and Boyfriends – Gold Charm Fever
What a Splash! Jean Nate’
Musical Theatre Fever – 80s Style
Here in My Car, I Feel Safest of All – 80s Cars
The Good, Green Stuff: Hi – C!

The 80s Underage Dance Club
The WWF in the 1980s

80s Toys

80s Toys
Atari - A Brief History (links to online games)
Dungeons and Dragons
Fashion Plates
Green Machine
Interview with "Totally Tubular '80s Toys" author,
     Mark Bellomo
Rubik's Cube 
Speak & Spell
Little Professor
The Plasma Ball
Coleco Mini-Arcade Tabletop Games
Garbage Pail Kids

Barbie Styling Head
Sea Wees
The Ring's the Thing: Water Ring Toss Game
Round and Round ~ My Love of the Spirograph
Hungry Hungry Hippos Madness
Stuck on You – The 80s Sticker Album
The Original iPad - Invisible Ink Books
The Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine

80s Technology

Cassette Tapes in the 80s
Remembering the Sony Walkman
VHS versus Betamax: The Great Format War
     of Our Time

Spy Hunter: A Review & Chat with Game Designer,
     George Gomez

80s TV Commercials

Big Red - Kiss a Little Longer
Bartles & James - Aaah, the wine cooler.
Wendy's - Where's the Beef?
TV/VCR Ad - Dig those modern electronics
Nestea - Taking the Plunge

80s Culture Features
Patrick Nagel – Art in the 80s
Interview with "A Line Through the Desert" author,
     William Stroock
Interview with original MTV VJ, Alan Hunter
Interview with original MTV VJ, Martha Quinn
Interview with original MTV VJ, Nina Blackwood
Dr. Ruth
Interview with Jeff Tompkins, author of "49 Mix Tapes"
Mary Lou Retton
Interview with "The Eighties: A Bitchen Time to Be a
     Teenager!" author, Tom Harvey

80s Games

Top Video Games of the 80s
Top 20 Classic 80s Arcade Games

Top 8 Retro Game Remakes

Spy Hunter: A Review & Chat with Game Designer,
     George Gomez

Play 80s Arcade Games Online

I Love the 80s Game
The 80s Game

80s Quizzes

How 80s Are You? 
Test Your Eighties New Wave Knowledge
Test Your Hair Band I.Q.
Test Your 80s Country Music Knowledge
Like Totally 80s TV Catchphrases Quiz
Test Your 80s Entertainment Knowledge – The Animal

80s Fortune Telling

M.A.S.H. Game - your future revealed
M.A.S.H. available as an app! Sweet!
Cootie Catcher Fortune Tellers!!

80s Then & Now - see what happened to
these famous people of the 1980s

Then and Now: Lee Horsley
Then and Now: Soleil Moon Frye
The Wonder Year's Winnie Cooper Grows Up
Who's That Actor?

80s Capsules - relive the greatest decade
ever and its awesome culture! > Crack open the time capsule now

80s Holidays

Your 80s New Year’s Resolutions
Make it a Totally Awesome 80s Valentine’s Day 
Make it a Totally Awesome 80s Summer
80s Halloween Songs
The Twelve Eighties Songs of Christmas
Great Gift Ideas for 80s Fans
2013 Christmas Wrap Up: Gifts for '80s Fans
5 Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts for the 80s Lover in Your
Happy Valentine’s Day from Garbage Pail Kids

Jules on 80s Culture

Feeling the Burn 
Trapper Keepers
80s My Little Pony and Today’s Bronies

80s Columns

8 for the '80s
Jules Is Listening to Mix Tapes and Thinking About . . .
Ryan’s Bodacious Weekly Countdown

Other 80s Websites

Child of the 1980s

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