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80s Fashion

For some, the 80s were a great time. The creation of MTV revolutionized fashion, the music industry and even how we watched TV. For others, it was nothing but bad hair, worse clothing and music that often had more to do with machines than talent.  We take the former approach and relish the excess and outrageous fashions that the 80s managed to make mainstream.  We didn't accessorize - we "excessorized" and LOVED it.
The clothes worn in the 80s depicted people who were trying to find themselves. They looked for ways to express their creativity and individuality. Men wore heavy make up and grew long hair. Women wore short hair and layers of clothing. Both sexes were looking for an identity.  1980s clothing styles are back on the shelves now, and we take a look at what makes these eighties fashions for women endure the test of time.

Get all the good scoop on 80s fashions for hair, makeup, and clothes in the eighties.  You'll be ready to bust a major 80's fashion move.  Links to all the good stuff under the news announcements below.


08.08.14: 80s Fashion Story: Colors Head to Toe - Rainbow Flip Flops
07.22.14: 80s Fashion Story: I Would Dye for You – Dyeable Formal Shoes
80s Fashion Story: The Jordache Look – Jordache Jeans
06.25.14: 80s Fashion Story: The Shorts That Screamed Summertime – Terrycloth
05.28.14: 80s Fashion Story: Friendship Bracelets
80s Fashion Story: Unicorns and Hearts Get Fancy – The Trendy Fair Isle Sweater
80s Makeup Story: Am I Blue? Colored Mascara
80s Hairstyles Story: 80s Rat Tail Hairstyles – The Tale of the Tail
04.29.14: 80s Fashion Story: Shoulder Pads
80s Fashion Story: You’re the Bomb – Bomber Jackets
04.07.14: 80s Fashion Story: Fashionable and Folded – Fold Over Jeans
03.19.14: 80s Fashion Story: What a Splash! Jean Nate’
80s Fashion Story: The Cosby Sweater Returns
02.28.14: 80s Fashion Story: The Rainbow Connection: Rainbow Shirts
80s Fashion Story: And All That Jazz: Capezio Jazz Shoes
80s Hairstyles Story: Just Dippity Do It!
01.27.14: 80s Hairstyles Story: 80s Comb with Hair Spray Pump
80s Fashion Story: Scent of the 80s
80s Fashion Story: Christmas, 1987
11.06.13: 80s Fashion Story: Esprit
09.16.13: 80s Fashion Story: 80s Earrings: Lacquer Lightning
80s Hairstyles Story: The Return of Big Hair?
80s Fashion Story: Essential Summer Brands of the 80s


Fashion in the 80s:

- Leg Warmers
- Parachute Pants
- Sunglasses
- Add-a-Bead Necklaces
- The Madonna Look
- Neon
- Acid Washed Jeans
- The Preppie Look
- Members Only Jackets
- Ankle Socks
- Guess Jeans
- Layered Socks
- Oversized Shirts
- Wayfarer Sunglasses
- Swatch Watches
- Jelly Shoes (Jellies)
- Knit Square End Ties
- Friendship Pins
- Reebok Hightops
- Princess Di Fashions
- 80s Dresses
- Chuck Taylors by Converse
- Rolling: Sleeves and Jeans
- Paint Splatter Fashion
- Stirrup Pants
- Pretty In Granny Boots
- Jumpsuits
- Baja Hoodies
- Jams
- Puffed Sleeves
- Bermuda Bags
- Elastic Belts
- Twist a Bead Necklaces
- Designer Jeans
- Underoos
- Coca-Cola Rugbys
- Knickers
- Gold Chains in the 80s
- Overalls in the Eighties
- Patterned Shoelaces
- Esprit
- Capezio Jazz Shoes
- Fold Over Jeans
- Bomber Jackets
- Shoulder Pads
- Friendship Bracelets
- Terrycloth Shorts
- Jordache Jeans
- Rainbow Flip Flops


80s Makeup

- 80s Makeup to the Max
- Making Up Is Hard to Do
- In Search of Clear Skin
- Blue Eyeshadow – 80s Eyes in an Instant
- Lip Gloss: Pucker up, Buttercup!
- Am I Blue? Colored Mascara

80s Clothes

- What did people wear in the eighties?
- Top 10 80s Fashion Fads
- 80s Hip Hop Fashion Memories

Fashion Stories

- What a Splash! Jean Nate’
- Scent of the 80s
- Christmas, 1987
- 80s Earrings: Lacquer Lightning
- The Return of Big Hair?
- Essential Summer Brands of the 80s
- Beautifully Bushy Brows of the 80s
- Extreme Makeovers: 80’s Style
- They’re Baaaaack – 80s Fashions are Alive and Kickin’
- 80s Fashions Return With 21st Century Corrections
- Oooh, Shiny! Rockin’ Metallics in the Eighties and Today
- Popped Collars: Poppin’ Out All Over
- Fierce Fashion and Mad Max
- 2011 Spring Break – 80s Beach Fashions
- Bronze and Beautiful: Tanning, 80s Style
- Making Scents of It All in the 80’s
- Luscious Leather Looks of the 80’s
- Warm Fuzzies: Sweater Dresses of the 80’s
- The BeDazzler
- Press-on Nails
- The Return of Huaraches
- Eighties Blue Jeans: The B-list
- The Rainbow Connection: Rainbow Shirts
- The Cosby Sweater Returns
- Unicorns and Hearts Get Fancy – The Trendy Fair Isle Sweater
- I Would Dye for You – Dyeable Formal Shoes

Awesome 80s Hair

- Hairstyles in the 1980s
- Banana Clip
- The Side Ponytail
- The Mullet
- 4 Great Ideas for Perfect 80s Hair
- Ribbon Barrettes
- Sun-In: Sun-Kissed 80s Hair
- Feather Roach Clips
- You’re Such a Bow Head!
- 80s New Wave Hairstyles – The Cure for Boring Hair
- Feathered Bangs
- Feathered Bangs Photo Gallery
- 80s Comb with Hair Spray Pump
- Just Dippity Do It!
- 80s Rat Tail Hairstyles – The Tale of the Tail

Need an 80s Costume?

Be sure to check the 80s Party Planning Guide for a totally awesome guide to clothes worn in 80s.  We have tons of 80's costume ideas (or 80s Halloween costumes.)

80s Yearbook Photos

Check out these radical reader-submitted yearbook pictures! Have some great photos of your own you'd like to share? Send them our way!

80s Clothing Websites

- 80stees.com
- Found Item Clothing

Submit 80s Fashion Style

Help us build the most complete 80s fashion guide on the Web.  Send us your essay on 80s styles that you loved (or hated).

- Reader-submitted 80s fashions


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