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80s Jokes

Welcome to the 1980s humor time warp.  Here is our collection of 80s-themed jokes.  Humor that only exists in its time context.

Q: What did Michael Jackson do when his hair caught fire? (user submitted 06.05.07)
A: Beat it!

Q: What do you call Dolly Parton doing the backstroke?
A: Islands in the Stream

Q: Where did the cantaloupe take his vacation?
A: John Cougar's Melon Camp

Q: What's grosser than sweat on Olivia Newton John?
A: Come on Eileen

Q: How did Billy Squier die?


A: Stroke! Stroke!

Q: What is the difference Michael Jackson and Richard Pryor?
A: Michael Jackson was burned using Pepsi and Richard Pryor was burned using Coke.

Q: What happened when Michael Jackson invited Billy Squire and Kiss for a party?
A: Michael beat it, Billy stroked it and Kiss licked it up.

Send us your 80s jokes - help us build the ultimate comedic time capsule.


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