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80s Movies & 80s TV

So much great movie and TV entertainment in the 1980s - where do you start? Many of these great movies and TV shows are now available on DVD, and we include links to buy those where they are available.

We want to build our 80s movies and TV information, so please send us a review of any great 80s movie or TV show that we have missed.  We are adding new movies and shows all the time, so check back regularly.

Need to take a trip down memory lane into 80s TV or movies?  Netflix has many of the 80s greatest shows and movies on DVD or for instant viewing online.  For some ideas of where to start in your 80s movie and TV education, check out the review below.



80s Movie Info

Oscar Winners - 1980-1989

80s Movies

A Christmas Story
Back to the Future
Bad Taste
Better Off Dead
Christmas Vacation
The Breakfast Club
Class of 1984
Dirty Dancing
Empire Strikes Back
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
Fast Times at Ridgemont High
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
The Goonies
Hey Good Lookin'
The Hunger
Just One of the Guys
The Karate Kid
The Land Before Time
The Lost Boys
Meet the Feebles
Pretty in Pink
Purple Rain
Q, The Winged Serpent
Return To Oz
River's Edge 
Say Anything
Sixteen Candles
Some Kind of Wonderful
Summer School
The Terminator
Terms of Endearment
Terror Train
Top Gun
Valley Girl - Like Totally 80s Pick!
Vision Quest
When Harry Met Sally...
The Wizard
Yor, The Hunter From the Future

80s Movies Stories

Top 10 Teen Comedies of the 80s
80s Nostalgia Question Solved: The
    Hugga Bunch
Best Songs From 80s Movies
Best 'Singing' Scenes from 80's Movies
Fave Fun Movies of the 1980’s
What do Quarterbacks and Molly Ringwald Have to do
    with Your Love Life?
You'd Better Get Yourself A Garlic T-Shirt, Buddy, Or It's
    Your Funeral: 10 Tees For Fans Of The Lost Boys
Great 80s Movie Quotes
1980s Movie Mt. Rushmore Part I: John Hughes
1980s Movie Mt. Rushmore Part II: The Brat Pack
1980s Movie Mt. Rushmore Part III: Kenny Loggins
1980s Movie Mt. Rushmore Part IV: The Slashers
Streaming the 80s with Netflix
VHS versus Betamax: The Great Format War of Our
Was Jake Ryan a Jerk?
Pretty in Pink: The Battle of the Boys
The Video Store
Netflix Sends Some 80s Love

Be Kind Rewind Column

Back to the Future Double Feature 
Party Like It’s 1959!
Back to Where It All Began!
Underappreciated Soundtracks ... of Fire!
Go Over and Above!
Embrace Your Paraskevidekatriaphobia!
Get Into the Groove!
Put Someone in a Sleeper Hold
Watch the ORIGINAL Brad Pitt!
Play Fetch!
Catch the Spirit!
The Good, the Bad, the Sequel
The Return of Be Kind, Rewind
Pass the Torch!
Countdown to Curfew!
Comb Your Hair in a Pompadour, Like the Rest
     of the Romeos Wore
The Stars at Night Are Big and Bright


80s TV Info

Essay: TV - Then and Now . . .

Nielsen Television Ratings - Top Shows 1980-1989

80s on the Small Screen: Chock Full 'O Dreamy Teen Heartthrobs

80s TV Commercials

Big Red - Kiss a Little Longer
Bartles & James - Aaah, the wine cooler.
Wendy's - Where's the Beef?
TV/VCR Ad - Dig those modern electronics
Nestea - Taking the Plunge

80s TV Shows

80s Cartoon Intros
The A-Team
Beauty and the Beast
The Cosby Show
Diff’rent Strokes
The Facts of Life
Fantasy Island
General Hospital
Growing Pains
Little House on the Prairie
The Love Boat
Magnum, P.I.
Matt Houston
Miami Vice
The Muppet Show
One Day at a Time
Punky Brewster
Solid Gold
Square Pegs
That’s Incredible!

80s TV Stories

ABC Afterschool Specials
Partnering up to Fight Crime, Eighties Style
80s Game Shows
Slim Goodbody
Time for Timer!
From Soaps to the Big Screen and Beyond...
The Cable Guy

80s Actor Spotlight

A Mega Star in the Making: Tom Hanks in the 80s 
Get Corey Haim a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

80s Actors – Then & Now

Then and Now: Lee Horsley
Then and Now: Soleil Moon Frye
The Wonder Year's Winnie Cooper Grows Up
Who's That Actor?

Jules on 80s Movies & TV

Oscar Time! 

80s Movie & TV Quizzes

Like Totally 80s TV Catchphrases Quiz
Test Your 80s Entertainment Knowledge – The Animal

External 80s Links

Fraggle Rock Fan Site
A BeTaMaXMas

80s Time Capsules - relive the greatest decade ever including all the hottest Movies and TV shows of the 80s! Each capsule covers a year of the 80s.
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