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Is it live, or is it Memorex???

While there are great new bands today, the music of the 80s will always be my first love. It was the music I came of age to, it was the music I listened to on my old tape deck as I learned to drive, it was the music of first boyfriends – you know, the good stuff.

memorex cassette tape


80s music covers a wide and highly diverse set of musical styles from the good, the bad, to the downright ugly (read, Rick Astley, Debbie Gibson or say, Glass Tiger). But, in each of these categories there were jewels – songs and bands that remain with us.

When I hear the music of the 80s (well, some of it), it can instantly transport me back to the time and place where I was when that song was big. Just a few bars of “Crumblin’ Down” by John Mellencamp and I am magically taken back to the first week of 7th grade when I was so proud to show up for the school year in my new parachute pants.

Like Totally 80s is always interested in your 80s music memories. Let us know your 80s music favorites.  Ice, Ice, baby . . . too cold, too cold.

80s Music By Genre

80s Pop Music
Pop Music Charts from 1980s
Billboard Number One Hits 1980-1989

80s New Wave Music
80s New Wave Bands
    - New Order
    - Influential 80's New Wave Bands
New Have Hit of the 80s

80s Hair Bands
List of 80s Hair Bands

80s Rap

80s Metal
The Importance of Metal
Choose Your Leppard
Military References in Heavy Metal

80s Music t-shirts

Artist Interviews

Interview with Andrew Golub
Interview with John Waite
Interview with Jack Hues of Wang Chung
Interview with Greg Kihn
Interview with Martika
Interview with Robbie Grey of Modern English
Interview with Nick Richards of Boys Don’t Cry
Interview with Deon Estus of Wham!
Interview with original MTV VJ, Alan Hunter
Interview with Nadine Loren: Talking about her new album, The Naked ‘80s
Interview with original MTV VJ, Martha Quinn
Interview with "St. Elmo's Fire" singer, John Parr
Interview with "Sunglasses at Night" singer, Corey Hart
Interview with original MTV VJ, Nina Blackwood
New Kids on the Block discuss reuniting after a 15-year hiatus
Q&A with Heart as They Release Career-Spanning Box Set

80s Music Features

The 80s Underage Dance Club
Vote for the Best 80s Summer of MusicSee Results
You Mean These 10 Acts Have Number One Songs... and Bruce Springsteen Doesn't? Life's Not Fair.
Air Supply’s Greatest Hits
Musical Theatre Fever – 80s Style
REPLAY AMERICA – The Ultimate 80s Festival
Boy George Makes a Comeback
"Jump" Hits #1 30 Years Ago this Month
Van Halen’s 1984 Thirty Years On
The Best Christmas Song Ever
1983 Is the BEST Year in Music
In Concert, In the 80s
Sweatin’ to the Oldies
7 80s Bands Touring In 2013
80s Famous People: The Totally Rad Rockers
90s Covers of Great 80s Songs
Brian Setzer: From Sexy + 17 to the 90s Swing Movement - And Cool All the Way
Madonna Music Videos in the 80s
Artist Highlight: Music’s a-ha Moment 
10 Things You Might Not Know About Olivia Newton-John
The Joy of Sax: Sax Solos in 80s Music
80s Rebellion Songs
Rock Star / Model Couples of the 80s
Boy Bands of the 1980's
Eye Candy Videos of the 80s
Breakdancing in the 80s
80s Halloween Songs
The 8 Worst Videos of the 1980s
Grape Nuts and My Crush on John Denver
The Twelve Eighties Songs of Christmas
Whitney Houston: In Memoriam
The Top 80s Movie Soundtracks – According to LT80s’ Fans!
45 Records in the Eighties
Live Aid (1985)

Living in a Material World: 80s Songs Used in Commercials
Pick-up Lines Inspired by 80s Songs
Not-So-Deep Thoughts as I Approach 40: Perspective and Robert Palmer
Top 12 Breakup Songs of the ‘80s
Remembering the Sony Walkman
Cassette Tapes in the 80s
Top 5 Interesting 80s Album Covers
Dude, It’s Cold Outside: Winter Weather Songs of the 80s
American Top 40
When Don Met Bruce: Twenty-Five Years Ago, Don Henley and Bruce Hornsby Team Up for "The End of the Innocence"


80s Music Lists & Resources

80s Music Videos - this is place to see all the great music videos from the 80s!

Best 80s Songs Lists 

Top 10 80s Songs Your Mom Forbade (and you listened to anyway!)

Marna’s 80s Mix (this is a great one!)

Get 80s Music - great sources for listening to 80s music

80s Music on Amazon

Michael Jackson Wins in Best 80s Song Poll

Great Soundtracks to Movies NOT from the 80s - re-print of blog post by Steve Spears

Lyrics to Frank Zappa's "Valley Girl"

Mix Tapes

80s Video Humor

Literal Videos:
    - Careless Whisper
    - Head Over Heels
    - I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For
    - Take on Me
    - Total Eclipse of the Heart
    - White Wedding

Spoof Videos:
    - Tis The Season (of Love) by Xcelsis

80s Music Quizzes

Test Your Eighties New Wave Knowledge
Test Your Hair Band I.Q.
Test Your 80s Country Music Knowledge

80s Music Websites

Retropolis with DJ Wave
Slicing Up Eyeballs

80s Capsules

Relive the greatest decade ever including all the hottest Music of the 80s! >Crack open the time capsule now

Jules on 80s Music

The Dark Side of 80’s Music 
Women Declaring (and Singing About) Their Independence in the 80’s
Mixing up an Awesome Summer, 80s Style
Just You and Me, Babe: Romantic Duets of the 80's
Around the World in a Day: Your Video World Tour
Idol Thoughts
Going Down Under in the 80s


Poison, Def Leppard & Cheap Trick – Concert Tour, Summer 2009
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts – Bush Gardens, Tampa, FL, February 20, 2011 
Totally 80s at the Hollywood Bowl (Berlin, The Fixx, B-52s, and The Human League) – September 2, 2011
Devo – Crystal Ballroom, Portland, OR, Sept. 16, 2011
Modern English – The Nick Rocks, Birmingham, AL, Sept. 28, 2011
Duran Duran – Bayfest, Mobile, AL, October 8, 2011
Psychedelic Furs – Trocadero, PA, June 14, 2013

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