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80s-Inspired Valentine's Day Gifts & Ideas

Nothing says "I love you" like the 80s.  This Valentine's Day be sure to go to your special someone with "Open Arms" and "Endless Love" and come bearing gifts that reach back to 80s to tell your Valentine that she/he makes you "Hungry Like the Wolf!"

In addition to the 80s tees and jewelry below, consider making an 80s mix CD and offering it with a single carnation (the ultimate 80s junior high flower!).  Don't forget to include a sprig of baby's breathe.

Don't forget the card.  We love these 80s Valentine cards:


Or, SAY NO to "flowers & chocolate." Give your loved one a gift that doesn't break a New Years' diet resolution or end up dead in the garbage can.

GIVE A T-SHIRT - They're unique, wearable, will last for years to come and can be delivered OVERNIGHT!!! Not to mention that they have hearts on them and they can say something about the person you get it for.

80sTees.com has thousands of products to choose from and a bunch that are perfect for this romantic day - From The Smurfs to Mr. Buttermaker to I Love Jake Ryan.

Get these awesome tees now!

OR, give a great, handmade piece of 80s-inspired jewelry made with vintage toy characters. Fun and resolution-proof. And, who doesn't like jewelry, especially when it has Smurfs in it!

Get these totally cool bracelets & necklaces now!
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You could also gift your sweetheart red & white braided 80s Hair Barrettes.  These fashionable handmade clips are the perfect hair accessory for Valentine's Day.

Get these bodacious barrettes now!

For the tech savvy in your life, why not give a Ghetto Blaster Laptop Decal. Let your Valentine show their 80s pride with this too cool for school skin.

Get these gnarly ghetto blaster laptop decals now!

Have a jewelry lover as your valentine? Adorn them with a Mix Tape necklace, complete with pink heart charm. A delightful and fashionable treat fur sure!

Get this sweet mix tape necklace now!

Does your valentine lose track of time? Give them a Swatch Unisex Dragon Fruit Watch. Then they can stylishly count the minutes until you meet again! 

Get this totally sweet Swatch watch now!

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