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1980s Yearbook Pictures


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Nothing is as authentic as an high school annual.  And, it is with that in mind that we put together our new feature showing pages from 80s yearbooks from across the country.  Please take a few minutes and scan a few pages in and send them our way!!  We will add to this section as often as we receive new submissions so send them in and help us build an archive of totally 80s yearbook samples.

To start we have a page selection from a 1986-1987 annual, where these folks were 10th graders.  Even in black and white, you can really get a feel for the era - the hair, the clothes - so perfect at capturing the . . . uh, essence of the 1980s.


NEW: 09.18.11: Check out these awesome pictures from Yael F.'s 86-87 high school yearbook!

06.24.11: Two more great yearbook pics sent in from our site readers!

04.05.09: Ultimate 80s big hair...

"This was taken my junior year in 1989. I was so proud of that hair! I love showing friends today and surprising them with who I was."  -- Stephanie F.

03.31.09: We're ready for the prom!


03.26.09: Here are some awesome yearbook photos sent in by Glenda. Love those tuxedo shirts! Thanks for sharing these in Glenda!

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