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Be Kind Rewind – Play Fetch!

By Michael Nazarewycz

The 1940s gave us Lassie. The 1950s gave us Rin Tin Tin. The 1970s gave us Benji. Hollywood has had a love affair with man’s best friend over the decades, and the 1980s were no exception. And while it would be easy to point to Cujo, as an example, there were good dogs in the ‘80s too.


K-9 (1989)K-9
Starring James Belushi, Mel Harris, Kevin Tighe, Ed O’Neill, and Jerry Lee (that would be the dog)
Directed by Rod Daniel

Dooley (Belushi) is a drug cop that prefers to work alone. Circumstances force him to take on a partner, and that partner happens to be Rando (Jerry Lee), a rascally police dog. Rando and Dooley must crack a major drug ring that is headed by a seemingly upstanding citizen. Director Rod Daniel, who would go on to direct the second installment of the 1990s’ dog-centric franchise, Beethoven, made his big-screen directorial debut directing an animal of another sort ... 1985’s Teen Wolf.

Turner & Hooch (1989)Turner & Hooch
Starring Tom Hanks, Mare Winningham, Craig T. Nelson, and Beasley the Dog (that would be ... well, you know)
Directed by Roger Spottiswoode

Hanks plays small-town cop Scott Turner. When a man is murdered, the only witness to the crime is the man’s pooch Hooch (Beasley), so Turner “adopts” Hooch in an effort to catch the bad guys. Making The Odd Couple look like Ozzie and Harriet, Turner is obsessively neat, while Hooch is unabashed about his overactive salivary glands. In more director trivia, Roger Spottiswoode left a bigger impression on the ‘80s than he did directing future Hollywood legend Tom Hanks in a cop-and-dog flick. Spottiswoode wrote the screenplay for the debut film of ‘80s icon Eddie Murphy: 48 Hrs. (1982).

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