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Be Kind Rewind – Back to Where It All Began!

By Michael Nazarewycz

Everybody started somewhere. Whether it’s an all-star athlete who cut his sports teeth on neighborhood sandlots or urban courts, a brilliant scientist who almost burned down the house with her first chemistry set, or an Oscar-winning actor who was the understudy to the understudy in a community theater production, every famous person, real or imagined, has an origin.


Young Sherlock Holmes (1985)Young Sherlock Holmes
Starring Nicholas Rowe, Alan Cox, and Sophie Ward
Directed by Barry Levinson

It’s hard to believe that the greatest detective ever created was once a teenager. Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes has always seemed like he was born a grown man. In this alternate origin, Holmes (Rowe) meets Watson (Cox) for the first time while they are teenagers at school. Their relationship is established when several seemingly unconnected men are murdered, and Holmes must use his big brain, keen eye, and stout friend to figure out whodunit. Leave it to the smartest kid in school to show off. This film features Oscar-nominated special effects by George Lucas’ Industrial Light and Magic.

Young Einstein (1989)Young Einstein
Starring Yahoo Serious and Odile Le Clezio
Directed by Yahoo Serious

Australians made quite the mark in 1980s cinema. Bryan Brown had success with films ranging from Breaker Morant to Cocktail; Olivia Newton-John (technically British, but an Aussie since age 5) was forever immortalized in Xanadu and reunited with her Grease costar John Travolta in Two of a Kind; and Paul Hogan had the number two film of the year in Crocodile Dundee (being edged out by $2MM by Top Gun). And then there was Yahoo Serious. Formerly known as Greg Pead before legally changing his name, Serious used this film to answer the question, “What if Albert Einstein had been born in Australia?” Unfortunately, no one asked. In the film, the Aussie Einstein (Serious) uses his genius on trivial things, like correcting the problem of flat beer. The film came in 79th on the year, barely beating Who’s Harry Crumb?.

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