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Who Shot J.R.?

The 80’s started with a bang – literally – and that bang was followed by a question that’s been immortalized in the history of television programming.

“Who Shot J.R.?”

If your Friday evening didn’t revolve around the infamous Dallas soap opera, you were either living in a cave or you didn’t own a television. After all, the show had more than 300-million fans. Everyone knew the oil-rich Ewings and most of us wanted to be them – no matter how dysfunctional they were.


In typical 80’s fashion, Dallas could be broken down into a “good guy, bad guy” theme. On the nasty and vindictive end of the spectrum, you had J.R. Ewing – the antagonist we all loved to hate. Then on the opposite end, you had J.R.’s brother – clean-as-a-whistle (and oh so cute), straight-laced Bobby Ewing.

Of course Bobby and J.R. were surrounded by a plethora of interesting (and sometimes downright despicable) supporting characters. There was Jock and Miss Ellie, and of course we can’t forget the multi-talented Sue Ellen and Lucy, the brat. Pam was probably the closest semblance of normalcy from the entire cast. Then again, nothing about Dallas was really “normal” so-to-say.

I just have one question... Could someone explain to me why such a rich family would pack so many people under one roof?

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