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Ghostbusters T-Shirts & Costumes

Buy this "I've Been Slimed" Ghostbusters T-shirt at 80sTees.com"This new Ghostbusters video game has been a long time coming. There hasn’t been a remake since the early 90s. Yea, the early 90s – that means it was for the original NES and Sega. The X Box 360 and PS3 versions are sure to have awesome graphics. I'm most excited about the Wii version despite the more cartoony appearance of the busters.

Atari made a good move with this franchise. The Ghostbusters


have always been very popular, especially with merchandising. I’ve noticed it at 80sTees.com as well. The T’s and the Halloween costumes for the Ghostbusters movie have ranked extremely high on the pop culture barometer for years, long before the announcement of this video game.

It’s always popular when an 80s phenomenon gets remade, especially into a video game. For example, just a few weeks ago Nintendo came out with the newest version of Punch-Out for Wii. It was a hit and our Punch-Out T’s spiked in sale right along side of it.

There are even more games on tap that could do the same thing – rumor has it that we are going to be playing some of these video games very soon!!!

Indiana Jones, Transformers, Star Trek, Marvel vs Capcom (Wolverine vs Street Fighter) GI Joe, The Punisher, The Beatles Rock Band, Star Wars, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and the one that I’m personally most excited about, Mr. T. 80sTees.com has products for all of these games and we can’t wait to play them with our shirts on."

- Kevin Stecko, Owner 80sTees.com

Buy Ghostbusters Costumes, T-Shirts, & Hats at 80sTees.com!

Buy Ghostbusters T-Shirts & Costumes

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