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You'd Better Get Yourself A Garlic
T-Shirt, Buddy, Or It's Your Funeral:
10 Tees For Fans Of The Lost Boys

By Travis Greenwood
founditemclothing.com | bunnyslippers.com


There are vampires and then there are ‘80s vampires, which, like the decade that birthed them, were even more outlandish, opportunistic and hedonistic than their bloodsucking predecessors. But with all due respect (read: none) to Once Bitten, Lifeforce or The Hunger, any such list starts — and ends — with 1987’s The Lost Boys, a cult classic that artfully mined the teenage


vampire genre — horror leavened with a dollop of comedy and cool — some 18 years before Stephanie Myers would strike stake gold with a similar but more emotionally overwrought variant, the massively hyped Twilight $aga.

In homage, then, we’ve compiled a list of 10 Lost Boys-themed designs culled from a cross-section (pun totally intended!) of the web’s most creative t-shirt vendors. Given the film’s status as a beloved fave, we’ve aimed the spotlight here on creative productions that dig a little deeper than the rather predictable, garden-variety licensed garb that often passes for movie merch these days...

Two final notes: (1) said shirts are arranged in a topical, but unranked order and (2) click on the pics to link through.

Lost Boys Shirts: Santa Clara 1987 - Available from Last Exit to Nowhere   1. Our first design, Santa Carla 1987, pays tribute to the film’s sunny, coastal Californian setting, which however picturesque (and, ultimately, fictional), broke with established conceptions of vampire noir.

Available at Last Exit to Nowhere, a U.K.-based imprint whose products pay clever tribute “to the most memorable places, companies, and corporations in cinema history.”

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Lost Boys Shirts: The Lost Boys - Available from Fright Rags   2. An obvious and rather literal pun, this illustration from Fright Rags captures the film’s titular characters — Marko, Dwayne, David, and Paul, respectively — at a moment of indecision and unsure of the way home.

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Lost Boys Shirts: Nanook Na-Nuked 'Em! - Available from Spread Shirt   3. According to Wikipedia, the film’s title was a literary reference pulled from Peter Pan. Likewise, Sam’s dog, Nanook (pictured below), was also so-named to honor Pan’s “Nana” and her role as a guardian. Woof!

> Watch "My Brother's a Vampire!" clip featuring Nanook

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Lost Boys Shirts: Why Waltz When You Can Rock & Roll - Available from Found Item Clothing  
Edgar Frog (Corey Feldman) wearing the Why Waltz When You Can Rock & Roll shirt in The Lost Boys    4. An exact replica of the tee worn by Edgar Frog (Corey Feldman) during an uneasy, get-to-know-you exchange with his would-be client and future ally, Sam (Corey Haim), the Why Waltz design is something of a mystery, its exact origins being somewhat murky and obscured by the passage of time (much likes vampires themselves). The blend of non sequitur sloganeering and provocative imagery speaks to his character’s
brusque, take-no-prisoners mindset, while its subtle, mise-en-scène torso placement ensures that it is glanced over by all but the most attentive of fans (sadly). Available via the t-shirt recreationists at Found Item Clothing.

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Lost Boys Shirts: Frog Bros. Comics - Available from Uber Torso  
Detailed view of Frog Bros. Comics, The Lost Boys Shirt   5. Speaking of the Brothers Frog, this top gets to the point with a faux logo for their fictional business.

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Lost Boys Shirts: Video Max - Available from Dark Bunny Tees   6. Be kind, please rewind.

Yet another example of reverse branding, this clever Video Max shirt recycles a similar refrain from the film’s climactic showdown to creative effect.

Spotted at Dark Bunny Tees, an awesome site that turns out high-quality, limited-edition prints organized around movie memes.

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Lost Boys Shirts: They're Only Noodles, Michael - Available from 8 Ball   7. You are what you eat.

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Lost Boys Shirts: Initiations Over - Available from 80s Tees   8. One thinks this design, a nod to the sequence during which the principals reveal their murderous alter egos, would be far more effective without the obnoxious LB-legalese beneath the silhouette (see comments above about predictable, garden-variety licensed garb...). That single misgiving aside, its clean and simple visual is eminently stylish.

> Watch "Lost Boys Initiations Over" clip

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Lost Boys Shirts: Sleep all day. Party all night. Never grow old. Never die. It's fun to be a vampire. - Available on etsy.com   9. On a related note, we present this simple number, which we found listed on etsy as genuine, 100% vintage deadstock.

It’s not particularly smart (see again, my comments in the introduction), but the copy on the back is possessed of a poetic quality.br />
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Lost Boys Shirts: I Ruined Vampires - Available from Fright Rags   10. Team David is always looking for its necks victim. (Groan...) 

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Like this list? Read more of Travis’ work at It Goes to 11

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