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Overalls in the Eighties

By Julie Anderson


The 1980s had some undeniably bitchin’ fashions. Acid wash denim, parachute pants, neon everything, and stirrup pants come to mind easily, right? There’s one trend that might seem a bit out-of-place amid all that glitz and those linebacker-padded shoulders – that is, unless you lived through it.

Overalls, dude.


Overalls were casual and playful, sporty and relaxed. Perhaps not the most figure-flattering items in our closets, but remember – these were the days of big shirts and baggy sweater dresses. Clothing didn’t have to hug our forms to be cool.

Unconvinced? We’ll start easy. Then, as now, overalls were


totally acceptable on kids. I love this adorable 1983 picture of little Jess and her cousin. Those embellished Osh Koshes and matching heart turtleneck would still totally fly today:

Embellished Osh Kosh Overalls with matching Heart Turtleneck
Photo credit: Jessica LeClair

Moving on, here’s a vintage pic featuring not only stylin’ overalls, but black Wayfarers, pleated Bermuda shorts, and a Benetton rugby. 80s casual fashion, cranked up to ELEVEN:

80s Fashion: Overalls & Bermuda shorts with a Benetoon rugby.
Photo credit: Like Totally 80s

BBut ladies still wore (and wear) overalls! This vintage Guess overall skirt is completely wearable today:

Overall Skirt (photo credit: vintage urban renewal)
Photo credit: vintage urban renewal

With a bolder, brighter look, here’s Jennifer and her friend Susie modeling some fab fashions from ’85.

KKelly green overalls + loads of bracelets + heavy eye-makeup = RADICAL

Kelly Green Overalls (photo credit: Zombie Normal)
Photo credit: Zombie Normal

And look how beautiful Demi Moore was in the final scene of 1986’s “About Last Night” in her baggy overalls:

Now, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking it’s all well and good for girls to wear overalls, but teenage boys of the eighties wouldn’t be caught dead in them.

Ohmygod, some dudes LOVED overalls!

Check out this dapper fellow. Now THAT’S how a guy wears overalls, people. I can’t tell if those are black Reeboks or jazz shoes, but he’s totally rocking the look. Note the popped collars on layered shirts:

Overalls with Popped Collars on Layered Shirts (photo credit: dugn)
Photo credit: dugn

And who could forget Jon Knight of New Kids on the Block?

NKOTB's Jonathan Knight sporting some overalls (photo credit: xnkotbx)
Photo credit: xnkotbx

Are you feeling the overalls love now? I totally am. As the icing on your overalls cake, may I present one of the catchiest songs ever, 1982’s “Come on Eileen” by Dexys Midnight Runners? Be patient through the first images you see in the video, and you’ll be rewarded with stylin’ overalls and bouncy music that will put a bit ol’ 80s smile on your face:

Want more overalls? Check out LOVELYiSH's article "Are Overalls Stylish? Plus: A Gallery Of Celebs Wearing The Trend." 

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