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Play 80s Arcade Games Online

80s Arcade Game: Asteroids

Paul Neave of Neave Interactive has done a very good thing. He has created flash-based clone versions of some of our favorite early 80s video games. You can play these games on his site for free using the links below.


80s Arcade Game: FroggerPlay Online Here

In making my way through the games on his site I am struck with how shamefully out of practice I am. It is clear that I have neglected Frogger for far too long. The online high scores for that particular game are in the 67,000 point range. In my first 80s Arcade Game: Space Invadersseveral attempts, I averaged a whopping 810. Ouch. One thing is clear; I need to devote the rest of my afternoon to improving that score.

One of the great things about these games is the three-deaths-and-the-game-is-over-standard. Today’s gaming options lack this finality. In watching my son play on the Xbox, I see him crash or die many more times than three and continue on. The stakes were higher for us in the 80s. You could die three times (as my recent re-entry into Frogger demonstrates) within fewer than 10 seconds. And, in the early 80s, that 10 seconds cost you a quarter!

Enjoy the games, and thanks, Paul! It’s an awesome good time.

Thank you, Atari!

In addition, we found some great games on the Atari website (thanks to reader Jeff E. for sending these awesome links). Jeff has tested the games and share that, “the games themselves are good, but the fullscreen option on most of them is kind of crappy, except for centipede and missile command.” So, skip the fullscreen option and enjoy!

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