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80s Nostalgia Question Solved

Original Question:

I recently bought the phantom tollbooth on eBay and even though it was from the sixties it made me think about all of the kids movies and dolls from the 80's since that's when I was a kid. I was wondering if maybe you could help me find out what this one movie was that also had a line of plush dolls. In the movie there was a little girl who had this doll and somehow she got into the dolls world. The dolls had really big heads and small bodies and I think the main doll had short red curly hair, and I remember there was a bookworm in the movie as well. I don't remember the bad person as well, but I remember it was a woman, and I remember that she had something at her castle that the girl and the dolls were after. I just can't stop thinking about this movie, and if you could give me some insight on it, or if you know the answer it would finally get this


crazy movie out of my head. Thank you so much.

Curious 80's child

LT80s' Solution:

Ok – maybe I have found the right movie – The Hugga Bunch:

Also, info here: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0173915/

Is that it?

Like Totally 80s

Thank You:

OMG they are the dolls, and that was the movie. Thank you so much. I have been racking my brain trying to remember the name. You are a hero in my eyes, and long live the 80s!

Thank You,

S. Redmond
Curious 80's child

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