Should Beetlejuice Receive the Reboot Treatment?

There has been a large influx of 80s reboots that are in the works, however, there is one in particular that we wouldn’t mind seeing. You guessed it, Beetlejuice. It is a definite 80s classic for some a cult classic and quite frankly who doesn’t like this quirky and haunting tale?

Should Beetlejuice Receive the Reboot Treatment?

“This story of a ghost couple (Geena Davis and Alec Baldwin) who have their home taken over by a less than stellar family, and then have to employ a ghost named Beetlejuice (Michael Keaton) to get rid of them is entirely original,” wrote Evan Jacobs or MovieWeb.

“From the sure-handed direction of Tim Burton, to the Danny Elfman soundtrack, to the totally awesome effects, Beetlejuice is a movie that we deserve more of.”

The fun factor of this film was off-the-charts and the spooky twist gave it a mystical feel that not many 80s films managed to capture. It was one of the best films of the period and Michael Keaton’s portrayal of the ghoulish and twisted Beetlejuice was absolutely incredible.

We could see this film being rebooted for a nice, easy-going Halloween film. It would be a nice change from the harsher horror films of today that dive just a bit too deep for kids to check out. With any reboot, the film would be in danger of losing the initial effect on viewers and fans of the original. Though, we think this is a risk we could deal with should a reboot ever arise.

Summer is Here but Were 80s Summers Better?

We are jumping into the summer months with high temps hitting the Northeast. It seems like the perfect weather to take a family vacation or to have to fun. Unfortunately, summers today are nothing like the 80s summers you knew and loved.

Summer is Here but Were 80s Summers Better?

Katie Bingham-Smith, a writer for the ScaryMommy website believes that there are heavy differences between summers of today and 80s summers. She recently described seven different ways in which these two decades and modern times differ, with some pretty amazingly accurate points.

“I feel fortunate to have spent my summers as a barefoot child of the ’80s. We’d bust out the sprinkler on a super hot day, and if we were lucky, my mom would let us have two freeze pops instead of one,” writes Bingham-Smith.

“But alas, summers of yesteryear are long gone, and there is quite a big difference in how the children of the ’80s spent their summers compared to how our kids spend them today.”

In her comparison of summers of the 80s and summers of today, she revealed that the only graduation she could remember was high school. She also revealed that there was a lot less tracking done by parents. Kids were allowed to be a bit more free and parents seemed to feel much better about their kids’ safety back in the 80s.

Today safety is a huge issue for plenty of parents and it has adjusted the way we look at letting our kids go out and play freely. As for technology, well, we’ll let you read what Bingham-Smith had to say in her breakdown. Click here for the full piece from ScaryMommy.


Auburn State Theatre Brings ‘Back to the Future’ Back

Back to the Future is one of the most iconic films of the 80s. Michael J. Fox played Marty McFly, a time traveling teen with adventures that would send your imagination wild. Now, Auburn State Theatre is bringing the film back as a part of an 80s filled weekend.

Auburn State Theatre Brings ‘Back to the Future’ Back

“Cinema at the State Theatre in Auburn presents the ‘Rock & Roll AND a Picture Show’ show,” according to TheUnion.

“The event kicks off at 7 p.m. Saturday with Sacramento ’80s cover band, Press Play, who will be playing all the hits of the ’80s. After the music the event will include a showing of the classic 1985 film ‘Back to the Future‘ at 8 p.m. Saturday.”

Here’s yet another awesome celebration of 80s pop culture with a great film and what sounds like a pretty awesome concert from Press Play. The event does have a small price of $8 for a general admission ticket.

“For those only interested in seeing the movie, there will be a 11 a.m. matinee show Saturday as well,” according to the report.

Back to the Future is such an influential film that when Nike decided to create a real life version of Marty’s self-lacing sneakers, they went for absurd amounts of money. Of course, the early sales were part of a charity auction, however, you can find them going for thousands of dollars on the resale market.

Brining back iconic 80s films for an event is always a great idea if we have anything to say about it. If you want to give you kids an awesome look into some of the music and one of the films that made he 80s such an awesome decade, this should be a great opportunity.

80s B-Movies: ‘Ninja III: The Domination’

80s B-Movie anyone? There is something so cheap yet so appealing about B-movies, especially if they come from the 80s. A recent report suggests that Ninja III: The Domination, may be the best 80s be movie out there.

With some many B-movies coming up in the 80s, it’s hard to narrow the number one spot down. Thankfully we won’t put you through that. Instead, a Nerdist article finds Ninja III: The Domination to be the perfect 80s B-movie.

“When you see the logo for Cannon Films at the beginning of your ’80s movie, you know you’re in for a certain level of quality: in the ’80s, Cannon were trying to be the biggest action movie studio in the world, making money on some real exploitation gems with slightly higher budgets than you’d normally get,” according to the report.

“They were masters of seeing trends and capitalizing on them, and in 1984, ninja movies were all the rage. But so too, off of the success of Flashdance in 1983, were sexy movies about dancing. What on Earth was Cannon to do but put the two together? But how? If you guessed “add The Exorcist to it,” then you are right, and what you’d get is Ninja III: The Domination.”

The film managed to combine all of the most successful traits of some of the top films of its time. While it was not executed in the same way, that’s pretty much something we all had to expect with B-movies. If you’ve never heard of the film before, check out the trailer below.

80s B-Movie: Ninja III: The Domination Trailer

8-Year-Old Boy Loves the 80s

This is a kid after all of our 80s loving hearts. An 8-year-old boy has been seen singing 80s tunes in New York City’s subway stations and he officially declared his love for the 80s in a recent news report.

“Three days a week — in between 3rd grade, sports, and homework — 8-year-old Joel Euceda, with his dedicated father in tow, travels from their Freeport, Long Island home to street corners and subway stations all over the city,” according to WGNTV.

“They have a permit from the city and Euceda performs for a couple of hours each day.”

Little Joel even has the 80s hair to match many of the tracks that he sings throughout the city. His favorite band is the Steve Perry-led Journey. He performs for a couple of hours but still has time to get his homework done. His father told WGNTV that he is very supportive of whatever Joel wants to do.

“His love for the ’80s began several years ago. Dad Mauricio Martinez says when his son was being bullied, he put him in martial arts class,” according to the report.

“The anthem during training was ‘Eye of the Tiger.'”

You can hear Joel singing his 80s tunes in the video below and follow him on Instagram and YouTube at joelloves80s.

8-Year-Old Boy Loves the 80s

Possible 80s Routes for the Upcoming Wonder Woman 2 Film

As we continue to think about some of the biggest blockbusters to come out of the comic book world, a new report shows the possibilities that could come from the 80s set Wonder Woman 2 film.

Possible 80s Routes for the Upcoming Wonder Woman 2 Film

We already know that Kristen Wiig has been tapped to play the super-villain Cheetah. However, what will the overall setting be like in the film. The 80s was filled with political and social movements. It was also filled with some of the most popular music, films and artists. Picking the decade apart is not a difficult feat, however, was up to the task.

“How does a feminist icon deal with the rise of the most powerful woman in the modern industrialized world?” questions

“Given how much of Wonder Woman took place in Europe, it seems like a no-brainer that any sequel set in the 1980s would inevitably deal with the rise of Thatcher, the ‘Iron Lady’ and a fearsome female figurehead for a reactionary movement that grew in England an much of the Western world in the ’80s.”

The site also cited the Berlin Wall and George Orwell’s 1984 as possible areas of exploration for the film. Of course there hasn’t been a confirmation on the plot for the next Wonder Woman film, however, being set in the 80s offers endless possibilities. We’ll be keeping an eye out for news on what kind of nostalgia to expect from the film as the release date nears.

The 80s Shines Again in ‘Bumblebee’ Trailer

Bumblebee is the beloved Transformer that stole the hearts of plenty of fans over the years. In the new trailer for the spin-off film, director Travis Knight takes us back to the origins with an 80s setting. Why not? The 80s is clearly the coolest decade to set a film/TV show in.

“The studio tapped LAIKA CEO and Kubo and the Two Strings director Travis Knightto make his live-action directing debut on the pic, which finds Hailee Steinfeld taking on the lead human role in a story that takes place in the 1980s,” according to Collider.

“Indeed, Bumblebee will set itself apart from Michael Bay‘s five (!) Transformersfilms in that it is set in the 1980s and tells a smaller scale story, with the titular Transformer befriending a young girl.”

The film’s trailer looks to promise a more heartfelt story, however, it still manages to feature some of that high-intensity action that we’ve come to expect from the most current Transformer films. Bumblebee himself has a complete makeover. He’s no longer that tricked out Chevrolet Camaro. Instead, Bumblebee is in its original form as a VW Bug from the 80s.

We expect plenty of 80s nostalgia to shine throughout this film and with the film being set in the decade, this is definitely one film to bring your kids to. This way, they can check out some of the cool stuff from your decade and they’ll associate one of the coolest Transformers characters with the decade as well.

You can check out the new trailer for Bumblebee below.

Whitney Houston’s ‘Greatest Love of All’ Ruled the 1986 Billboard Hot 100 in May

From May 17 to May 31, 1986 the Billboard Hot 100 was taken over by Whitney Houston’s classic hit, “Greatest Love of All.” The ballad spoke about the youth and reaching out for someone to look up to. It was an emotional track that has gone on to be one of the most famous Houston tracks to date.

Though the song featured a simplistic music video, the lyrics is what really brought forth the message in the song. There have been multiple interpretations however, it is clear that Houston believed in the youth and how they would affect the future.

In recent weeks, Houston has been in the news, unfortunately, it isn’t such a good story. A rapper by the name of Pusha T used a photo that depicts Houston’s scattered bathroom where she was found dead as the artwork for his new album. That artwork was paid for by Kanye West who reportedly spent $85,000 for the ability to use the photo.

The Whitney Houston Estate found the use to be quite distasteful, though, the album has already been released. All negativity aside, Houston has still left behind a legacy and discography of songs that were true works of art. Some of these tracks are 80s classics that will continue to live on. Check out the music video for “Greatest Love of All” below.

Whitney Houston’s ‘Greatest Love of All’ Ruled the 1986 Billboard Hot 100 in May

Journey and Def Leppard Rocked Memorial Day in Cleveland

It’s a treat to see awesome bands like Journey or Def Leppard. To see both of them together in on place on a long holiday weekend, well, that’s even better. Folks who were able to score tickets to a concert at The Q in Cleveland were lucky enough to see these bands perform their hits.

Journey and Def Leppard Rocked Memorial Day in Cleveland

“Last night, Def Leppard, fronted by lead singer Joe Elliott opened the show, delivering a full set that included hits such as ‘Hysteria,’ ‘Pour Some Sugar on Me,’ ‘Rock of Ages’ and ‘Photograph,'” according to

“Journey, fronted by guitarist Neal Schon and lead singer Arnel Pineda, closed the night with a set that featured their own hit parade, including ‘Faithfully,’ ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ and ‘Open Arms.'”

The article was filled with photos from the night that show these bands in action. High intensity and emotion is what 80s rock lovers have always expected from bands like Def Leppard and Journey, from the looks of it, that’s exactly what the crowd at The Q got.

Both bands are currently performing shows together as a part of the Def Leppard Journey Tour. They have already perform a string of venues and have a ton of shows to go. For a complete list of all of the upcoming shows, click here.

To check out images from the epic show at The Q in Cleveland, click here.

Do You Want 80s Co-Stars to Make A Comeback?

Chemistry, there was plenty of it between love interests in 80s films. A new list reveals 80s co-stars that should make a comeback to the big screen. Would this make for a great film/TV show or should we keep these great co-performances in the the golden decade.

Do You Want 80s Co-Stars to Make A Comeback?

The Zimbio list was spurred by the upcoming film, Destination Wedding, featuring two 80s greats, Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder. It does make you ponder whether or not we’d like to relive some of the on-screen magic created by couples like Molly Ringwald and Andrew McCarthy. Ringwald and McCarthy were the epitome of “couple goals” in the 80s.

“They circled each other in St. Elmo’s Fire as friends, and fell hard for one another in About Last Night. We think they have the potential to make the best modern rom-com together,” said Zimbio, when reliving the romance between Demi Moore and Rob Lowe.

Perhaps that is one of the most possible reunions out of the entire list that also features Macaulay Culkin and Anna Chlumsky’s partnership in My Girl. So, the question is, do we want these couples to make a return or are the better left in the classics films of the 80s? Let us know in the comments section below. To check out the full list, click here.

80s-Themed Prom to Benefit Anderson House in PEI

The 80s can be a very therapeutic decade for multiple reasons. However, an upcoming 80s-themed prom is looking to raise funds for a pretty awesome cause. If you’re a Canada native, you may want to check this out.

80s-Themed Prom to Benefit Anderson House in PEI

“Adults can dust off their dancing shoes and spin to all the hits from the 1980’s, while all in support of a worthy cause at the Confederation Court Mall on Saturday, May 26,” according to JournalPioneer.

“The fundraiser for Anderson House will celebrate the best – and worst – of this retro period, and partygoers are encouraged to come dressed for the occasion.”

The Anderson House is a domestic violence shelter for women and children in Canada. This event will benefit a great cause and looks to bring the 80s prom back.

“When I first started producing these events, it was because I wanted to bring people together and make some great memories. However, after hearing the personal stories of women who have received help from Anderson House, it became much more than throwing a party,” said event organizer Amanda Gallant.

The 80s continues to make an impact whether it’s through fashion, or inspiring events such as this one that speaks to a higher purpose. For more information on this event, click here.

Today in 1987: ‘With or Without You’ Takes Over Billboard

After the Cutting Crew’s “I Just Died In Your Arms” took the top spot on Billboard‘s Hot 100, it was overcome by the huge success of U2‘s “With or Without You.” It would begin what could be considered a legendary run for the band.

Today in 1987: ‘With or Without You’ Takes Over Billboard

Bono wrote the classic U2 hit, “With or Without You.” It remains one of the most popular songs for the band and is relatable on so many levels. The song has plenty of interpretations and obviously that’s left to the listener, however, the man who penned the track did give an explanation of what it sometimes means for him.

“It’s about how I feel in U2 at times – exposed,” said Bono, according to Quora.

“I’m not going to do many interviews this year. Because there’s a cost to my personal life, and a cost to the group as well.”

The song also featured an impressive guitar wail that was done by The Edge. It is the distinct feature of the track that adds to the sadness and emotion that runs rampant in the song.

“The Edge used a distortion device called an ‘Infinite Guitar’ to create the wail,” according to Quora.

“It was invented by Michael Brook, who The Edge worked with on the soundtrack for The Captive. Brook created the Infinite Guitar by replacing the pickup on a guitar with a magnetic device that vibrates the strings.”

We’ll never get enough of this track and since we’re doing a bit of a throwback here, you can check out the music video for “With or Without You” below.

Is Willow Getting A Sequel?

This may be one of the biggest years in terms of 80s sequel news. It appears that a spin-off of Willow is in the works from Ron Howard.

Is Willow Getting A Sequel?

“I don’t want to give away too much, but there is a little talk of Willow,” Howard said, according to a MovieWeb report.

“We wouldn’t call it Willow 2, I think it would focus a lot on Elora Danan, although Willow would have to be significantly involved.”

The report claims that Howard and Lucasfilm’s uniting for Solo: A Star Wars Story, has become a bit more fruitful this time around. After years of teasing and on and off discussion of a possible sequel, 80s fans may be in for a treat in the near future.

“The first Willow movie, directed by Howard, came out in 1988 and was not the smash hit that Lucasfilm had been hoping for,” according to the report.

“However, it has gained a massive cult audience since its release and many fans aren’t even aware that it wasn’t a huge moneymaker.”

There has yet to be any solid information on the release and whether or not it could hit the big screen or be a part of a more series-oriented platform, such as YouTube Red.

In the meantime, we’ll be holding out hope for one of the most underrated 80s cult films.

Is Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure Getting A Reboot?

In 1989 the classic film by the name of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure took the decade by storm. Now, it looks like it may be on the way back. Is that what you’ve been waiting for?

Is Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure Getting A Reboot?

“Twenty-seven years. For as long as Nelson Mandela was in jail, we have waited for a new Bill & Ted adventure,” according to TheGuardian.

“Now, from Cannes, at last, comes news that ‘Ted’ Theodore Logan and ‘Bill’ S Preston Esq are to return in a third adventure: ‘Bill and Ted Face the Music.'”

This dude-tastic film featured Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter as Ted and Bill, two pretty out there teenagers who set out on one spectacular adventure. This insane adventure featured plenty of comedy and situations that only Bill and Ted could find themselves in.

“Handily for the prosthetics department, the story will find the duo in middle-age,” according to the report.

“Burdened by family, they still haven’t written ‘the greatest song ever’ – until a visitor from the future turns up to tell them the fate of the world depends on it, to somewhat force the issue. However familiar the plot may seem, it’s certainly most excellent to have them back.”

There is no set release date for the reboot, however, you can bet that we’ll be right on it as soon as a date is released. In the meantime, we just have to imagine the possibilities and situations that may arise in the upcoming reboot.

This Foreigner Orchestra Mashup is A Must See

When it comes to 80s rock bands, Foreigner was one of the greatest. Now, you can see and hear the band like never before as a Foreigner Orchestra mashup is now performing action-packed shows live.

“Foreigner, the juke box heroes who dominated FM radio in the ’70s and ’80s with some of the most memorable and enduring classic rock hits ever recorded, have made something of a cottage industry of performing and packaging their greatest hits in varying arrangements,” according to NewsOK.

“The latest is a CD with a 60-piece orchestra and 70-member choir that shows why these songs remain as popular as they do.”

From the video below, you can tell the show is full of energy and most of all, it’s filled with countless amounts of hits from the band. The hair-raising orchestra combined with the powerful electric guitar solos make for some pretty interesting musical combinations.

“Only founding guitarist Mick Jones remains from the original Foreigner lineup. Singer Kelly Hansen, who had half a cup of coffee in the spotlight in the ’80s with the band Hurricane, inherited vocal duties from original singer Lou Gramm, and does a creditable job keeping these songs alive, even if he adds little of his own style to them,” according to the report.

If you want a little preview of what you can expect should you venture out to see the band and the orchestra perform live, check out the video below.

This Foreigner Orchestra Mashup is A Must See