The Ferris Bueller Chase In Spider-Man: Homecoming Is Awesome

If you haven’t seen Spider-Man: Homecoming yet and you’re a fan of the 80s, you may want to visit your local movie theater. While films are starting to take a huge chunk of the decade for inspiration, Spider-Man: Homecoming tastefully borrows one of the most awesome chase scenes from the Ferris Bueller film.

“[The characters] go through this great Ferris Bueller-inspired chase through this neighborhood, where these guys from the Shocker, they got in one good clock. Spider-Man was not expecting that,” said Eric Carroll, when discussing the chase scene a few months back, according to Looper.

“So they get a jump on him, they tear off, and Spider-Man gives [into the] chase. It’s a lot of fun. He’s running through people’s backyards, he’s encountering friendly dogs, things like that. We think it’s going to be one of the signature sequences in the film.”

Not only was this description spot on, the film even used a bit of the music and featured a clip of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off as a little Easter egg. As an 80s fan who does not expect this little slice of the decade in such a film, it was quite the awesome surprise.

Of course this little moment will be overshadowed by the much bigger scenes in the film. However, this will definitely make 80s babies feel a sense of pride.

Ferris Bueller Chase Scene


80s-Set Wonder Woman 2 Could Be The Next 80s Inspired Hit

When we say the 80s setting has been breeding some of the best shows and films in this decade, we aren’t lying. In fact, the next Wonder Woman film looks like it will be taking on an 80s setting, bringing the decade to the box office.

“But now production details have revealed that Wonder Woman 2 may be set during the 1980s, with Diana, Princess of The Amazon fighting against the Soviet Union in the last throes of the Cold War – when tensions between the US and Russia were reaching boiling point,” according to Metro.

That’s yet another movie that will tap into the 80s in a creative venture. It shouldn’t be too hard to place the setting and events of the Cold War. With the major success that was Wonder Woman’s first standalone film, there is no telling how much an 80s setting can enhance the series.

It has truly been impressive to see Wonder Woman stand above Batman and Superman films. Judging from how awesome the 80s was as a decade, minus the conflicts of course, we expect the next film to top the first one.

“Gal Gadot and Chris Pine’s onscreen chemistry kept fans truly entertained  – and Pine is also tipped to make a return in the possible second movie, even after the fate of his character, Steve Trevor, in the current film,” according to the report.

The 80s is irresistible. Filmmakers love it and so do we.

Transformers Character Bumblebee Gets An 80s Set Stand-alone Film

As if enough of the 80s influence isn’t featured in today’s music, television and film, we can look forward to another 80s set film. The character Bumblebee from Transformers will have his own stand-alone set in the 80s, because, why not revisit the best decade ever.


“The news about the setting comes from Empire Magazine (via ScreenRant) whose print edition features an article all about the Transformers film franchise,” according to AVClub.

“In addition to tidbits about The Last Knight, which will see Optimus Prime going medieval on Bumblebee’s ass, the article indicates the spin-off will take place in the 1980s. Now, we know that’s when the robots-in-disguise toys debuted in real life, but there’s no telling just how the ’80s will factor into Bumblebee’s solo pic, which is being directed by Travis Knight, other than to have him playing a lot of Run D.M.C. or Cyndi Lauper.”

Spinoff films may seem like a Marvel and DC thing but Transformers is dipping its feet in the water as well. With Transformers being a huge part of the 80s with the TV show, it’s nice to see that Travis Knight will be paying homage to the golden decade by having Bumblebee’s film set in the decade.

Hailee Steinfeld has landed one of the main roles in the upcoming Bumblebee film and expressed her excitement for the character and storyline. The film is slated to release sometime in 2018.

Bumblebee From The 80s Transformers Show

Bands Like Paramore Are Using The 80s Blueprint

80s inspiration is at an all time high in entertainment today. Many of today’s bands are really using the 80s blueprint when it comes to creating great music for their demographics. Paramore is one of those bands that you could find yourself falling in love with.


“When we were starting to write it was summertime and … I just wanted to groove,” said lead guitarist Taylor York according to NPR.

“I was listening to a lot of Afrobeat and we were listening to a lot of new wave, like The Cure and Talking Heads. … In the ’80s, especially the early ’80s, there was so much polyrhythm and so many cool beats, and the way the melodies would dance with each other [was] really inspiring.”

Naturally, some of the greatest tracks of the 80s followed the formula presented by York above. Heavy synth and dance melodies came together to breed some 80s hits that are still quite popular today. It’s not just popular with those who grew up in the decade.

80s music followed a new generation with an eclectic taste and understanding of the angsty nature of entertainment from the decade.

In After Laughter, the band provides music that kids of the new age will love. It also features music that the parents of those kids may be pleasantly surprised with. Bonding over music has never been easier than it is with After Laughter, check it out for yourself and let us know if you agree.

Paramore – “Hard Times”

You Can Own Cyndi Lauper’s Home For The Right Price

Cyndi Lauper is looking to move on from her Stamford, Connecticut home. The house has been listed for sale and if you’re one of those die-hard fans, now is your shot to own something of hers. For the right price that is.

Cyndi Lauper’s $1.25 Million Home

Photocredit: Berkshire Hathaway

Photocredit: Berkshire Hathaway

Lauper and her husband Dave Thornton are listing the massive home for a whopping $1.25 million. Your eyes may be popping out of your head with the pricing, however, there is a ton of history that comes with this property.

“The home was built in 1975 by Vince Camuto, the founder of Nine West, and the Grammy, Emmy, and Tony award winner bought it from him in the ’80s as a writing retreat,” according Curbed.

“It proved to be a fruitful investment, as she wrote five albums as well as the musical Kinky Boots during her residency.”

The home is massive and field with amenities such including, “multiple fireplaces, tiled bathrooms, a guesthouse (currently being used as a music studio), swimming pool, and seasonal lake views.”

Throughout the 80s, Lauper enjoyed a whirlwind of success. Her hits included, “True Colors” and “Time After Time” both of which charted number one. Lauper also had a few more hits, including, “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” and “Change of Heart.”

So what are you waiting for? Rustle up that cool $1.25 million and take your shot at owning an 80s legend’s home.

Kent State Celebrates 80s Fashion At University Museum

80s fashion never actually stayed in the 80s and in some cases it’s still alive today. Kent State for instance, has kept some of the 80s biggest fashions at their University Museum for all to see.

80s Fashion

The display is titled, “The 1980s: An Age of Excess” and was inspired from the return of some 80s styles to high-fashion runways.

“We tried to cover the things that were the most influential in the Eighties as well as the things that were likely to be of interest to people in 2017,” said Jean Druesedow according to WWD.

“What surprised me most was that the dresses look really good. My memory of the Eighties is they were not so beautiful. Either our donors have excellent taste, which I believe to be true, but also the time has come where those things are looking good again. That happens as things cycle through.”

These styles are iconic pieces that really explore the elegance of the time. The pieces reflect a life of their own and appeal to their specific uses and of course, there is the fact that some of them are quite pricey.

“The exhibition, which runs through Sept. 3, also features a wall highlighting the work of fashion illustrator Antonio Lopez as well as the AIDS epidemic and the Reagan years,” according to the report.

So, if you want to dive back into 80s fashion in a more historic manner, head over to Kent State and give it a walkthrough.


Would A Gremlins Remake Be A Good Idea?

The 1984 a strange but awesome film called Gremlins was released and it is definitely a fan favorite for the 80s. With the amount of 80s remakes that are on the way, we got to thinking whether or not a Gremlins remake would hold up in current times.


Gremlins is listed as a horror comedy for good reason. At first, a regular Gremlin is cute and could very well be what was behind the inspiration of toys like the Furby. However, when these little ones have a snack after midnight, they turn into scary mischievous beings.

The horror comedy genre also happens to be super popular today. Films like Scary Movie and Cabin In The Woods takes the horror factor and dissolves it with an influx of comedy. Fans always turn out for these films making it a strong possibility that a Gremlins remake would be able to hold its own.

It sounds like it would be a great subject for a dark Christmas film such as Krampus, which was released in 2015. It had a bit of a cult factor to it and honestly would do pretty well today. If IT can return why cant Gremlins?

For 80s nostalgia lovers there is no way you would be able to turn down a remake of Gremlins. Though, it may take a little convincing for the new era of film-lovers to wrap their head around it. So, after revisiting the film, we want to know what you think. Vote in our poll below and let us know if a Gremlins remake would be a good idea in today’s film industry.

Gremlins 1984 Trailer

Would A Gremlins Remake Be A Good Idea?

Can a Gremlins remake hold up today?

The 1980s BMW M3 E30 Is Still Heavily Sought After Today

BMW advertises their vehicles as the ultimate driving machine. In 1989 they introduced their BMW M3 E30 edition and it completely embodied that branding. Today, the car is still one of the most sought after BMW’s on the net.


A 1989 BMW M3 E30 such as the one pictured above, is selling on EBAY Motors for a whopping $37,990. For that price, you can buy a brand new BMW however, it won’t be nearly as nostalgic as the 1989 E30.

“Down in Miami where the Florida sun caresses the sand, a tight-knit collective of racing enthusiasts gather periodically for a group drive,” according to GQ.

“Their cars of choice: BMWs, specifically tricked-out German-engineered rides from the ’80s, ’90s, and (slightly) onward.”

The report referenced the hard body-lines that the car has but failed to mention one of the features stylists and enthusiasts loved the most. The boxy nature of the car makes it one of the most photogenic vehicles to ever be released.

From angles to flat side, front and rear views, there isn’t one single portion of this vehicle that requires criticism. It’s such an 80s design but quite possibly one of the best of the decade. At its core was a 169 horsepower engine, which today, would seem like an bit of a sloth.

That being said, when an enthusiast who loves to modify engines gets their hands on this vehicle, the power output is at their own mercy. There are plenty of amazing statements that can be made about this vehicle and it is undoubtedly super sought after 27 years later. People just can’t get enough of the 80s.

Check Out This Monstrous 400HP BMW M3 E30

There Is A ‘Dynasty’ Soap Opera Reboot Coming

Like every decade from the 60s and onward, there have been soap operas that captivated everyone. Dynasty was that soap opera for the 80s and now, it is on its was back thanks to The CW.


Dynasty is returning to TV, nearly 30 years after the prime-time soap opera aired its last hair-pulling fight,” according to News Journal.

“The rebooted drama will be one of four new series joining the CW’s schedule in the 2017-18 season, the network said May 18.”

The show will feature stars like Elizabeth Gillies, Nathalie Kelley, Trent Bounds, Sam Adegoke and more. The original Dynasty ran from 1981 to 1989 and was filled with just as much drama as the classics that are still airing today.

“CW’s Dynasty will debut in the fall, along with the freshman military drama Valor. Midseason additions to the CW lineup will include the comedy Life Sentence and the DC Comics-based Black Lightning,” according to the report.

Once again, the 80s proves to be the go-to decade when it comes to finding an idea to revamp for the present day. You can expect the series to be completely reworked to match today’s society.

From the four-minute trailer released by The CW, fans get a really good idea of what they can expect and it looks like a show filled with drama. You can check it out below and let us know what you think of the new look in the comments section.

Dynasty Trailer

Are Today’s Artists Stuck In The 80s?

We often speak about the influence the 80s still plays in music today. A new band by the name of Dreamcar has recently released their debut album and it has a super distinct 80s feel. This leaves us to question whether or not today’s artists are stuck in the 80s.


Tom Dumont, Tony Kanal and Adrian Young of No Doubt have picked up a new lead singer in Davey Havok, a previous member of the band, AFI. Together they formed Dreamcar and released their debut, self-titled album on Friday May 12.

The band’s first single, “Kill for Candy” is filled with 80s synths, guitar rifts and percussion arrangements. So to is the rest of its album that can only be described as an adventure into the 80s.

“After years spent honing reasonably modern pop-punk sounds — one of the few strategies for growth in a slowly dying rock scene — all these musicians are now looking back to the 1980s, openly borrowing the glossy synthesizers and mechanized percussion (not to mention the dubious graphic design) that defined that era,” according to The Los Angeles Times.

What The Los Angeles Times feels as if Dreamcar “comes off as mere followers” compared to the band Paramore’s approach to borrowing 80s sounds, we would have to give the overall authenticity of 80s sounds to Dreamcar. Today’s artists are definitely drawing out the most popular sounds of the 80s.

Though, it’s important to mention that Paramore uses the 80s influence in a much more playful manner that makes it super easy and fun to listen to. Either way, both of these bands seem to be drawing plenty of 80s influence in their music. These are some of the ways that the 80s is being kept alive today. Long live the 80s.

Are Today’s Artists Stuck In The 80s?

Is ‘Just Like Heaven’ The Best 80s New Wave Song?

In the 80s there were plenty of new wave bands that stepped on to the scene with massive hits. The Cure is one of those bands and “Just Like Heaven” is one of it’s major hits. However, is it worthy of taking on the role of being he best 80s new wave song?


“Just Like Heaven” featured a beautiful guitar solo and that signature 80s electronic synthesizer that made some many incredible tracks pop. Meanwhile, Robert Smith’s impressive and undeniably distinct voice shines right through.

Despite superb songwriting, an awesome music video and countless amazing performances of it over the years. It is still hard to pick one great 80s new wave song. It is especially hard to do so when The Cure has had an entire collection of hits including, “Friday I’m In Love” and the timeless “Lovesong.”

Nevertheless, “Just Like Heaven” has to hold a special place in 80s new wave fans’ hearts. Flashing back to this song is a no-brainer at this time of the year.

We’re flashing back to this track on this Friday as summer nears, simply due to its airy and light sound. It’s a perfect listen for those are trying to enjoy the good weather. Just slap on some sunglasses put the top down on the car or windows down and just cruise.

Relive the awesome track with the music video below and let us know what song stands out as the best 80s new wave track in the comments section below.

Is ‘Just Like Heaven’ The Best 80s New Wave Song?

Chris Cornell of Soundgarden and Audioslave Dead At 52

Chris Cornell was considered as one of the founding voices when it came to the late 80s and early 90s grunge movement. On Wednesday night, May 17, Cornell, was reported dead.

Chris Cornell

“Cornell, 52, was in Detroit performing with Soundgarden, which had embarked on a US tour in April,” according to CNN.

“His passing was ‘sudden and unexpected,’ his representative, Brian.”

What many may not know is that the classic Soundgarden sound started in 1984 when the band was first formed. Together, Cornell, Kim Thayil and Hiro Yamamoto formed the classic band and released a series of projects before skyrocketing into popularity with their 1994 album Superunknown. That album would feature “Black Hole Sun,” arguably one of the most famous Soundgarden track to date.

The list of projects in the 80s include, the Screaming Life EP (1987), Fopp EP (1988), Ultramega OK (1988) and Louder Than Love (1989). His voice took fans away from the classic 80s hair bands and into a world that was darker in the most beautiful manner of the word.

Later on, Cornell would join forced with members of Rage Against The Machine to form the formidable band by the name of Audioslave. There the band enjoyed bountiful success, especially with their huge hit, “Like A Stone.” Cornell also embarked on a flourishing solo career.

To help take a look back on some of Chris Cornell’s amazing musical moments, we’ve included captivating music videos featuring classic tracks from Audioslave and Soundgarden below.

Chris Cornell Classics

Stranger Things Star Finn Wolfhard Covers New Order’s ‘Age Of Consent’

We’ve spoken plenty of times about Stranger Things and how well they pay homage to the 80s. That has now been intensified as one of the shows stars, Finn Wolfhard and his band covers New Order’s 80s classic “Age Of Consent.”

Finn Wolfhard

The cover was done for an 80s benefit concert which also featured 80s parody man Weird Al Yankovic. If that wasn’t enough, you may remember our report on the new reboot of Stephen King’s IT, which Wolfhard will also star in.

If ever there was a youngster who is truly embracing and being immersed in the 80s culture, it’s Wolfhard. Along with members of his band, Wolfhard showed that he can rock it 80s style. Of course there was a bit of a heavier spin put on for the cover, though Wolfhard seemed to really want to energize the crowd.

Oh but there’s more to Wolfhard’s 80s connection. According to Consequence Of Sound, Wolfhard will also be a part of an upcoming Carmen Sandiego reboot. The 80s are alive my friends and it seems to be pumping through the veins of Finn Wolfhard.

You can check out Woldhard’s cover of New Order’s “Age Of Consent” below. Stay tuned for more information on Wolfhard’s upcoming 80s reboots.

Let us know your thoughts on the influence that the 80s is carrying on today’s pop culture in the comments section below.

New Order’s “Age Of Consent” Covered By Finn Wolfhard

Art From Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’ Expected To Sell For Millions

The Wall film featured dark and powerful art by Gerald Scarfe, which will be the subject of the San Francisco Art Exchange. In 1982, Pink Floyd unleashed a powerful film that followed the madness of a rock star’s troubling career. Now, the art from the film is expected to be sold for millions.

The Wall

“The show will present more than $5 million of the most recognizable artworks over a broad price range related to Pink Floyd’s The Wall movie, all by Scarfe,” according to a recent release.

“A full digital catalog is available for interested collectors. All those who acquire artwork will be guaranteed access to the opening event.”

The Wall album was released in 1979, just before the 80s, however, its effects carried on well into the decade. The album featured the iconic track series, “Another Brick In The Wall.” There were three different part of the track and it still remains a classic to this day.

“Also for sale is the monumental painting of the Giant Judge and the Marching Hammers, which is currently on loan to the Victoria and Albert Museum in London for the Their Mortal Remains exhibition of over 300 items of iconic Pink Floyd artifacts and original artwork, May 13, 2017October 1, 2017. The exhibition is reported to be the largest in the museum’s history,” according to the release.

In 1982, The Wall won two BAFTA awards for Best Original Song and Sound. You can learn more about the artwork from the film here.

The Wall Movie Trailer

The Breakfast Club Meets Mother’s Day

Each year on Mother’s Day, brunch seems to be one of the most popular go-to ways to celebrate the occasion. This year, 80s moms will rejoice when they hear about The Breakfast Club Brunch Crawl. Mom will love you forever for this one.

Mother's Day

“We thought it would be something sweet,” said Britlyn Delahoussaye of Social Entertainment, according to The Advertiser report.

“A lot of women like brunches and it would be something different than just going to a restaurant. We kind of thought of the ’80s theme because we wanted to attract the 25-and-up demographic and to bring them to downtown to show them downtown is just not about nightlife.”

Unfortunately the crawl is happening in Lafayette, New Orleans, so if you’re not in the area, you’ll have to find another way to create an 80s-styled brunch for mom.

“We thought moms would enjoy the music, and we are going to have DJ Greenlight playing an ’80s mix at each business along the way,” said Delahoussaye.

Music and fashion are two of the biggest stand-outs in the 80s culture so it’s easy to see what role the music will play for this 2017 Mother’s Day event. Here’s another idea we came up with. If your mom happens to be a huge 80s fan, find all of the classic films, such as The Breakfast Club and have a little marathon for the day, after brunch of course.

How did you help mom celebrate her special day in the 80s? Share some of your stories in the comments section below.