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The 80s

Aaah, the 80s - that happy little decade between social activism and self-loathing grunge. Back when the Coreys were king and Kirk Cameron hadn't been left behind. When Cabbage Patch Kids spawned Garbage Pail Kids, and we liked it. From the obscure to the obvious to the no-no-notorious.

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08.19.14: 80s TV: Mork & Mindy
08.12.14: 80s Music: When Don Met Bruce: Twenty-Five Years Ago, Don Henley and Bruce Hornsby Team Up for "The End of the Innocence"
08.12.14: 80s Culture: The WWF in the 1980s
08.08.14: 80s Fashion: Rainbow Flip Flops
07.28.14: 80s Culture & Music - The 80s Underage Dance Club
07.22.14: 80s Fashion: I Would Dye for You – Dyeable Formal Shoes
07.22.14: 80s Music: Vote for the Best 80s Summer of Music Results
07.18.14: 80s Culture: Summer with Snoopy – The Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine
07.15.14: 80s Fashion: The Jordache Look – Jordache Jeans
07.13.14: 80s Music: Vote for the Best 80s Summer of Music
07.10.14: NEW Contest: Win a new Trapper Keeper!
07.07.14: 80s Culture: The Good, Green Stuff: Hi – C!
07.02.14: 80s TV: Little House on the Prairie
06.25.14: 80s Fashion: The Shorts That Screamed Summertime – Terrycloth
06.24.14: NEW Contest: Win 2 pair of tickets to the REPLAY Festival in Philadelphia on July 11th!
06.23.14: 80s Culture: Here in My Car, I Feel Safest of All – 80s Cars
06.17.14: 80s Music: You Mean These 10 Acts Have Number One Songs... and Bruce Springsteen Doesn't? Life's Not Fair.
06.17.14: 80s Music: Air Supply’s Greatest Hits
06.09.14: 80s TV: That’s Incredible!
06.03.14: 80s Music & Culture: Musical Theatre Fever – 80s Style
05.28.14: 80s Fashion: Friendship Bracelets
05.22.14: 80s Fashion: Unicorns and Hearts Get Fancy – The Trendy Fair Isle Sweater
05.21.14: 80s Happenings: 80s Bands Set to Make the Replay America Festival Totally Awesome!
05.21.14: 80s Music: REPLAY AMERICA – The Ultimate 80s Festival
05.16.14: 80s Movies: Summer School
05.13.14: 80s Toys: The Original iPad - Invisible Ink Books
05.09.14: 80s Makeup: Am I Blue? Colored Mascara
05.05.14: 80s Movies: Netflix Sends Some 80s Love
05.05.14: 80s Hairstyles: 80s Rat Tail Hairstyles – The Tale of the Tail
04.29.14: 80s Fashion: Shoulder Pads
04.28.14: 80s TV: ABC Afterschool Specials
04.21.14: 80s Fashion: Bomber Jackets
04.14.14: 80s TV: The Muppet Show
04.11.14: 80s TV: Solid Gold
04.09.14: 80s Music: Interview with Andrew Golub
04.07.14: 80s Fashion: Fold Over Jeans
03.31.14: 80s Costumes: Creepy Twins from The Shining
03.25.14: 80s Culture: Stuck on You – The 80s Sticker Album
03.20.14: 80s Music: Boy George Makes a Comeback
03.20.14: 80s Culture/Fashion: What a Splash! Jean Nate’
03.12.14: 80s Culture: Hungry Hungry Hippos Madness
03.07.14: 80s Culture: Besties and Boyfriends – Gold Charm Fever
03.04.14: 80s Culture: Round and Round ~ My Love of the Spirograph
03.04.14: 80s Fashion: The Cosby Sweater Returns
02.28.14: 80s Fashion: The Rainbow Connection: Rainbow Shirts
02.24.14: 80s Contest: Enter to win a set of 12 80s-Themed Greeting Cards!
02.24.14: 80s Fashion: And All That Jazz: Capezio Jazz Shoes
02.19.14: 80s Culture: The Ring's the Thing: Water Ring Toss Game
02.18.14: 80s Fashion: Just Dippity Do It!
02.17.14: 80s Culture: The 80s Signoff
02.17.14: 80s Culture: Top 8 Retro Game Remakes
02.11.14: 80s Culture: Sea Wees
02.11.14: 80s Culture: The Prom Theme Song
02.05.14: 80s Culture: Happy Valentine’s Day from Garbage Pail Kids
02.03.14: 80s Music: "Jump" Hits #1 30 Years Ago this Month
01.31.14: 80s Movies: The Video Store
01.28.14: 80s Culture: Word Up – 80s Additions to the OED
01.27.14: 80s Fashion: 80s Comb with Hair Spray Pump
01.24.14: 80s Culture: Pinterest - Our Most Pinned Stories
01.24.14: 80s Culture: Barbie Styling Head
01.22.14: 80s TV: The Cable Guy
01.21.14: 80s Culture: 5 Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts for the 80s Lover in Your Life
01.20.14: 80s Music: Van Halen’s 1984 Thirty Years On
01.15.10: 80s Fashion: Scent of the 80s
01.13.14: 80s Culture: Garbage Pail Kids
01.08.14: 80s Culture: Gleaming the (Rubik's) Cube
12.12.13: 80s Fashion: Christmas, 1987
12.05.13: 80s Music: The Best Christmas Song Ever
12.05.13: 80s Music: 1983 Is the BEST Year in Music
11.25.13: 80s Culture: 2013 Christmas Wrap Up: Gifts for '80s Fans
11.19.13: 80s Music: In Concert, In the 80s
11.12.13: 80s Culture: A Love Letter to a Big Stinker: Polo Cologne
11.06.13: 80s Fashion: Esprit
10.30.13: 80s Costume Ideas: Louis Scully from Ghostbusters
10.30.13: 80s Movies: Terror Train
10.30.13: 80s Costume Ideas: Lloyd Dobler from Say Anything
10.21.13: 80s Costume Ideas: Debbie Gibson
10.18.13: 80s Costume Ideas: 80s Bathrobe Look
10.16.13: 80s Costume Ideas: Jack Torrance from The Shining
10.10.13: 80s Costume Ideas: Weekend at Bernie's Bernie Lomax
10.09.13: 80s Costume Ideas: Cyndi Lauper
10.07.13: 80s Costume Ideas: Andie Walsh from Pretty in Pink
10.03.13: 80s Culture: Bitchin’ 80s Internet Memes
10.02.13: 80s Costume Ideas: Duckie Dale from Pretty in Pink
10.01.13: 80s Costume Ideas: Adam Ant, Rambo, & Snake Plissken from Escape from New York

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