80s Costumes: Ideas For What to Wear to an 80s Party

Not sure what to wear to an 80s costume party or how to put together the perfect 80s Halloween costume? This is your guide to what to wear to an 80s party. The key to achieving the 80s look, regardless of the specific costume you choose, is excess. It was after all the decade of excess. So don’t skimp or be weighed down or held back by your 90s and 00s sensibilities – go for it. Add the extra layer of blush or blue eyeliner, go for another spray with the Aqua Net, and pile on another couple of bracelets. Moderation is for other decades – there are no points for class, subtly or understatement. The 80s look is about color, volume, and abundance. Whether you choose the Like a Virgin, the Preppie, or the Let’s Get Physical, do it with flourish and abandonment. Choose from the 80s costume party ideas below or use them as inspiration and develop your own.

Please let us know how it goes! Tell about your 80s costumes and by all means, send us your pictures. Start your search below for ideas on how to get decked out to the max or look at the examples sent in by our site readers by choosing 80s Costume Pictures.

If you are looking for a 90s costume idea, try our sister site www.90s411.com.

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