8 Bitchin’ 80s Internet Memes

I can haz ‘80s? Indeed! Here are seven totally fun 80s-based memes. We consider all this Internet attention for our beloved 80s well deserved and proof positive that while we may be 30 years out from the decade that brought us mix tapes and neon, the 80s are still alive and kickin’. Which is your favorite meme? Did we miss a great one. If so, send it to us!


#1 – How many chewed up mix tapes were brought back to life by number two? I think they were voted Cutest Couple, Class of ’89.


#2 – “Now in the street there is violence, and apparently la-la-la-lots of roadwork to be done.”


#3 – Since Lionel’s gone missing I’ve kept myself pretty busy taking a ceramics class.


#4 – Further proof that a Devo hat makes everything better.


#5 – “So now I coooome to yooooou with ooooopen arrrrms . . .”


#6 – You wouldn’t get this from any other guy.


#7 – Don’t mess around with the dogs in shades, oh no.

Ice Bucket Challenge with Mogwai from Gremlins

#8 Don’t do it, Gizmo!!  Just write the check!


Author: Lori Ferraro

Lori is a writer and actor living in Portland, OR. Her website, Drawn to the 80s, is where her 5 year old draws the greatest music hits of the 1980s. She is a blogger for The Huffington Post and her own blog, Once Upon a Product, is where she writes about important things like beauty products, music, her obsession with Mick Jagger and of course...the 80s.

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