Risky Business 80s Costume Idea

Remember 80s Tom Cruise? “Outsiders” Tom Cruise? “All the Right Moves” Tom Cruise? “Losin’ It” Tom Cruise? (Bonus points if you remember “Losin’ It” Tom Cruise!) I’m talking pre-mega movie star “Rain Man”/”Jerry Maguire”/jumping on Oprah’s couch Tom Cruise.

Now when you think of 1980s Tom Cruise, does this come to mind?

Joel/Tom Cruise dancing scene from Risky Business

“Risky Business” came out in 1983 — a coming of age story of Joel (Cruise) a high school student living in the suburbs of Chicago. As in many teenage comedies, Joel’s parents leave town to go on vacation giving him specific instructions not to touch the stereo or the Porsche.

Guess what? He touches them both.

Enter a beautiful call girl named Lana played by Rebecca De Mornay who steals a very expensive crystal egg from Joel’s house – payment for services rendered after Joel is short on cash.

Risky Business poster

Also typical of 80s movies, the Porsche is wrecked. In order to raise money to get it fixed, Lana and her friends set up shop at Joel’s house for the evening. Of course, a scout from Princeton chooses that particular night to visit to evaluate Joel for his college admission.

The house is all put back together by the time his parents arrive back home and Princeton thinks they could really use a guy like Joel on campus.

In the film’s most well-known scene, Joel’s parents liquor cabinet is raided, Bob Seger’s “Old Time Rock and Roll” blasts on the expensive stereo system and the infamous lip-synch in your undies, socks and oxford shirt was born.

You can create an easy, inexpensive, funny costume this Halloween, assuming you have the guts to walk around all night without pants.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A button down dress shirt (80s preppy light pink is ideal)
  • White socks
  • Tighty-whities – or, if you’re not ready for that some boxer shorts will probably do just fine

Seriously . . . that’s it. Bing-bang-boom. 80s costume complete.

Props can include a candlestick to sing into and a fireplace tool to use as a guitar. A pair of signature black Ray Ban sunglasses would complete the look perfectly.

Tom Cruise in Ray Ban’s

Be prepared to run into the room, slide across the floor, and lip sync your heart out.  Also, be prepared to have that Bob Seger song stuck in your head until at least Thanksgiving.

Risky Business costume idea

Author: Lori Ferraro

Lori is a writer and actor living in Portland, OR. Her website, Drawn to the 80s, is where her 5 year old draws the greatest music hits of the 1980s. She is a blogger for The Huffington Post and her own blog, Once Upon a Product, is where she writes about important things like beauty products, music, her obsession with Mick Jagger and of course...the 80s.

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