80s Halloween-Themed Music Quiz

80s Halloween Music QuizIt is officially the season– when grizzly ghouls from every tomb close in to seal our doom, when we bark at the moon and speak of the devil, when people across the country ponder the eternal question of “Who ya gonna call?”   And so, Like Totally 80s would like to present our first-ever “80s-Music-Halloween-Themed-Quiz.” (Still working on the name…)

80s Halloween-Themed Music Quiz

Below are thirty-one questions (in honor of the number of days in October as well as the number of years since the “Thriller” video debuted), each one of which has something to do with ghosts, vampires, monsters, and sundry spooky stuff.  Good luck!

Author: Mark Dursin

Mark Dursin is an English teacher at Glastonbury High School in Glastonbury, Connecticut. His writing has appeared in the Hartford Courant and several online publications, including The Faster Times and JMWW. He and his co-conspirator, his wife Sheri, blog at www.edgeofstory.com.

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  1. What fun! My favorite holiday, decade, and type of quiz (pop culture) all in one convenient place. These were difficult, but for a site called “LIKE TOTALLY 80s” I imagine that most folks will find it right in their wheelhouse. Great stuff, Mark!

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    • I got more right than they gave me credit for. Damn capitalization issues on the I-Pad. Nice trip down memory lane. Here’s two: Twisted Sister wear freakish Halloween make-up. The actor who plays the band’s nemesis in two videos played which character in Animal House? Krokus had their only hit with this song that is appropriately titled for Halloween?

      Peace my brother.


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