One of the Biggest Games from Your 80s Childhood Gets a Modern Update

Launched in 1978,(just in time to be one of your favorite childhood toys) memory-game Simon has gone through plenty of updates over the decades.


The most recent update of the popularized version of Simon Says is called Simon Air, which uses touch-free technology to let you select colors by hovering your hand instead of physically pressing buttons, says

This is an even more high-tech version of the last update to the game; created in 2014, Simon Swipe used touchscreen technology to require users to “swipe the lights” in the correct order to be considered champion of the 16-level game.

In honor of the latest update to Simon, here are some fun facts about the popular 80s game that you might not have known:

  • The Guinness Book of World Records holder of the most sequences completed in Simon is Joe Berger. He completed 14 sequences on Nov. 17, 2003.
  • If you want to play the classic Simon game in all of its 80s glory, there’s a site for that. lets you play the original, simple version of the game for no charge at all. Beware: it’s addicting.
  • But if you really, really want an original version of Simon to play with, a vintage version of the game (box & instructions included) is yours on eBay for just $35.00. Play on.


Author: Nicole

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