These 1980s Shows Deserve a Netflix Remake

The success of Fuller House on Netflix and the upcoming remake of Square Pegs suggests that 80s nostalgia could be big business for the streaming media website. Here’s a look at some of our favorite shows from the 80s that are ripe for remake (and no, we’re not open to a new, much darker Cosby Show).

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Where Everybody Knows Your Name

While it might be impossible to recreate the magic of the Sam and DIane relationship, the idea of a sitcom based in a Boston bar run by a former athlete would still work. Maybe put a retired Patriot in the lead slot and fill the other bar stools with updated versions of Norm, Cliff and the rest of the gang.
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There Could Be a New Boss

"Who's The Boss" was a role reversal. The man, Tony, was the housekeeper, while the woman, Angela, had a high-powered job. Of course, he ended up being the boss as the two intertwined their lives. The same exact plot would work now and maybe Alyssa Milano's Samantha could take over the lead role.
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Come On Knock On Our Door

It's not quite so scandalous for a man to live with two women any more so an update of "Three's Company" would not be quite as outrageous, but the idea of three mismatched roommates is a tried and true sitcom trope ripe for remaking. Of course, this show started in the 1970s and that's when it had its heyday, but it lived until 1984 surviving the loss of Suzanne Somers, the breakout star of the show.
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He Ate Cats!

If the Muppets can come back than so can A.L.F. He's a an alien who eats cats while wisecracking and winning our hearts. He's also a puppet so the original star could be back for a remake.
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Don't Pity These Fools

A group of fugitive mercenaries working only for people who deserve it seems like a great idea for a remake. Better yet, Mr. T could return as an older, wiser B.A., still afraid of planes and still offering compassion for fools.
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Saucy Old Women Sell

"Golden Girls" had a simple premise -- old people don't disappear when they age, they're actually pretty interesting. Once you got past the old people still have sex yuck factor the show had its moments and a remake would appeal to today's modern senior who is a lot closer to these girls then you might imagine.
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Wacky Things Happen In Court

This might be the best remake prospect on the whole list. While there were certainly storylines between the characters, the basic premise of "Night Court" is that small claims court at night is pretty funny. That's still true and it's a setup which allows for easy jokes, guest stars, and lots of fun.

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