Bruce Springsteen Dancing With 91-Year-Old Fan At Concert Shows Why He’s Still ‘The Boss’

Bruce Springsteen Dances With Grandmom

Wow, how Courtney Cox has aged! Oh that’s not her? Thank God.

Bruce Springsteen brought 91-year-old Jeannie Heintz on stage at his sold out show in St. Paul, Minnesota to do a little “dancing in the dark” in front of thousands of screaming Boss fans. The old woman kept up with Springsteen step-for-step and made a memory that will absolutely last her the rest of her life.

WATCH: Bruce Springsteen “Dancing In The Dark” With 91-Year-Old Fan

That was good but can anything beat the original?

‘The Boss’ Dances With a 91-Year-Old Fan At His Sold-Out Concert in St. Paul | Suburban Man

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