The Star Wars Death Star Shower Curtain You Wanted As A Kid Now Exists

Death Star Shower Curtain

The Death Star was one of the most powerful weapons and mobile spaceships in the Star Wars series. It held great power and the ability to annex an complete planet. The Star Wars franchise spanned a number of generations with two of its seven episodes released in the 80s now fans get a chance to have a piece of one of the films greatest pieces.

“Because the world can’t end until there’s Star Wars everything (it’s in the Bible), this is the $20 Death Star shower curtain available from ThinkGeek,” according to Geekologie.

“It measures 72″ x 72″ and comes with 12 shower curtain hooks”

However, the curtain shows the Death Star at it’s very worst. It’s in a deteriorated state after being destroyed in the Battle of Yavin. The Death Star II was later created and destroyed during the Battle of Endor.

Author: Navi

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