Replacement Replacements: I Don’t Cares Deliver 80s Rock Flavor

The I Don’t Cares, a loose duo of Replacements songwriter/frontman Paul Westerberg and Julian Hatfield, have kept up the mystery since revealing the band’s existence on social media.

Now the group, which has released the album Wild Stab appears to be dropping hits about going on tour with Josh Freese, who played drums on the recent Replacements tour, behind the skins. The IDCs have announced nothing, but this video, credited to “Dale Westerberg” seems to suggest that some road dates are imminent.

The band, which plays spirited rock songs in the style of the early Replacements, but with more precision and control has been a slowly evolving project — almost like Westerberg is feeling out every step before he takes it. The group has also posted to its various social media feeds that more new music is on the way. It has also solicited fan videos for its songs and a number of good ones have been submitted.

Author: Dan

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