80s Vespa Scooters Revived As The World’s Coolest Office Chair

Vespa Scooter Chair

1980s Vespa scooters are considered to be somewhat of a design icon- in fact, many people seek out 80s Vespa scooters for their classic look and reliable make.

But for those who don’t necessarily have what it takes to pull off being seen riding around town in a vintage scooter, Spanish company Bel & Bel has created the “Scooter Chair.” 

The Scooter Chair is totally cool in that it combines vintage art- which was the creator’s original intention– with a completely functional and unique piece of furniture.

Says Mental_Floss:

[The chairs] come with a reclining feature and a hydraulic piston that lets you adjust the height. Despite the scooter parts being completely repurposed, the chairs manage to retain all the retro charm of the ’80s Vespa.

Currently, Scooter Chairs have earned their place in museums and hotels across the world; Scooter Chairs make up all suite furniture for the Chicago Virgin Hotel.

Vespa Chairs

Vespa Chairs

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