80s Fashion Trends That Came Back In Style When No One Was Paying Attention

side pony

Fashion is cyclical, and everything comes back in style eventually, but when the hell did some of these 80s fashion sneak back into our closets?

The Cheat Sheet has highlighted the ten biggest fashion trends that have comeback. Here’s a quick recap:

  1. Men’s ponytails – though I think they’re actually referred to as “man buns”
  2. Ripped jeans – For some broke folk, they were never really out of style
  3. Ray-Ban Wayfarers — I own two pair
  4. Combed-back hair — and don’t forget the comb over, AKA “The Trump”
  5. Penny loafers — I can’t say I’ve seen a pair recently but I don’t get out much
  6. Adidas Superstar sneakers – Love ’em
  7. Puffy vests — never really out of style thanks to North Face
  8. Pegged pants — They’re not as TIGHT now but OK, I’ll agree
  9. Highwater pants — I don’t know what the hell those are
  10. Vans sneakers — When were Vans not in style?

Can you think of anything they missed? Tell us in the comments.


Author: Chris

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