‘The Art Of Atari’ Is A Must-Have For Any Classic Video Game Junkie

The Art Of Atari

Dynamite Entertainment celebrates one of the biggest pioneers in video games with the gorgeous new book The Art of Atari.

Described as “the most comprehensive [Atari] retrospective to date,” the hardcover book consists of over 350 pages of production and concept artwork, photos and marketing materials. In addition to the images, it also features insights from and interviews with those the people involved in developing and marketing the classic games.

Here’s a glimpse at the book’s forward:

Atari is one of the most recognized names in the world. Since its formation in 1972, the company pioneered hundreds of iconic titles including Asteroids, Centipede, and Missile Command. In addition to hundreds of games created for arcades, home video systems, and computers, original artwork was specially commissioned to enhance the Atari experience, further enticing children and adults to embrace and enjoy the new era of electronic entertainment. The Art of Atari is the first official collection of such artwork.


Sourced from private collections worldwide, this book spans over 40 years of the company’s unique illustrations used in packaging, advertisements, catalogs, and more. Co-written by Robert V. Conte and Tim Lapetino, The Art of Atari includes behind-the-scenes details on how dozens of games featured within were conceived of, illustrated, approved (or rejected), and brought to life! Includes a special Foreword by New York Times bestseller Ernst Cline, author of Armada and Ready Player One, soon to be a motion picture directed by Steven Spielberg.


Whether you’re a fan, collector, enthusiast, or new to the world of Atari, this book offers the most complete collection of Atari artwork ever produced! “For me, revisiting the beautiful artwork presented in this book is almost as good as taking a trip in Doc Brown’s time machine back to that halcyon era at the dawn of the digital age. But be warned, viewing these images may leave you with an overwhelming desire to revisit the ancient pixelated battlefields they each depict as well.” — from the Foreword by Ernest Cline, author of READY PLAYER ONE

Here are some sample images from The Art of Atari.

Atari Art Sampler

Atari Art Sampler

The book is available for pre-order now.

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