Game Boy Zero Conversion is a Gameboy Lover’s Dream


The Raspberry Pi devices are simple little computers that children use to learn the basics of computing. However, one man managed to take the Raspberry Pi device to a whole new level converting an old Game Boy system into what he is calling Game Boy Zero.

“A modder named Wermy has turned his original Game Boy shell into an emulating machine,” according to Nerdist.

“The new hardware named “Game Boy Zero,” uses Raspberry Pi Zero guts and a modified cartridge to play NES, SNES, and Game Boy games (all the way up to Game Boy Advance).”

Some of the new features on the modified device include, color display, left and right buttons on the back of the device, a rechargeable, USB port and even an HDMI adapter for playing your games on a larger screen.

Towards the end of Wemry’s YouTube video explaining the system, he shows off his working device by playing a little Donkey Kong. It just goes to show you just how intelligent and resourceful you can be with an old system. You can check out the full video below.

Author: Navi

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