The 6 Weirdest Commercials Featuring 80s Icon Mr. T

Mr. T commercials

The fact that Mr. T, a relic of the 80s, is still a part of pop culture in 2016 in amazing. Nothing against T, he seems like an incredibly nice guy but nostalgia for one person or era comes and goes. Mr. T has been consistently working for over three decades.

The place Mr. T pops up most frequently is in commercials. In fact, he’s in a new campaign for Fairfield Inn.

Mr. T the pitchman might never fade away, even if the gold on his necklaces does. Here are the weirdest commercials featuring The A-Team alum.

Mr. T Cereal

Mr. T for Snickers

Mr. T for World of Warcraft

Mr. T for FlavorWave

Mr. T for 1-800-Collect

Mr. T for Hitachi

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Author: Chris

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