5 Great Van Damme Films and 1 Not-So-Great

Checking out a Jean Claude Van Damme movie in the 80s was something most fans anticipated. While many of these films were quite cheesy, the martial arts and fight scenes were pretty awesome at the time.


Like Chuck Norris and many other 80s action film stars, Jean Claude Van Damme is remembered for his excellent martial arts abilities and his memorable performances of a man seeking revenge.

That classic dancing scene from Kickboxer is priceless and there is no doubting the final fighting scene where Van Damme had the crowd on his side. There are always some levels of romance in the films.

Meanwhile, while we celebrate Van Damme we should also rejoice as there should be a Kickboxer 2 film coming later on in 2016. You can check out and relive some of Van Damme’s classic films from the 80s below and let us know what your favorite film was in the comments section below.

Check out our 5 Great Van Damme Movies of the 80s and 1 Not-So-Great

Bloodsport 1988
Jean Claude Van Damme puts his acting and martial arts to an ultimate test.
No Retreat, No Surrender 1986
A cocky Jean Claude Van Damme is something we aren't use to.
Black Eagle 1988
Late 80s Jean Claude Van Damme kicking serious butt.
Monaco Fever 1984
Young Jean Claude Van Damme in an unexpected battle.
Kickboxer 1989
Who could forget that classic dance scene from Kickboxer?
Cyborg 1989
It took him way too long to kick himself off of the cross.

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