80s Styles That Will Show Up in Summer ’16

It’s hard to forget some of the fashion statements from the 80s. Plenty of styles have managed to transcend generations and still go one to be big staples in fashion today. We picked out a couple of 80s styles we believe will show up in summer ’16.


From washed jean jackets to Zubaz, we think there is some serious potential for all of the pieces included in the list. Of course the influence of 80s fashion on today’s fashion can be seen in plenty of different outfits.

We’re sure to have missed some so if you have any that you feel should be on the list just let us know in the comments section below. We’d also like to know what 80s fashions you wore in the past that still carry over into your wardrobe today.

80s Styles That Will Show Up in Summer ’16

Washed Jean Jacket
Despite the summer weather being too hot for a jacket, it's never too hot for a jean jacket. The Washed jean jacket was a pretty popular choice in the 80s and remains one to this day.
80s Slogan T-Shirts
There's nothing like a good slogan t-shirt to spark a conversation or make others around you chuckle.
Reebok Classics
You can't beat the Reebok Classics when it comes to 80s sneakers. These were both stylish and for the most part affordable.
Ripped Jeans
Distressed and ripped denim hasn't gone out of style and this summer looks like it will be filled with ripped-jean sporting youngsters.
For the ladies leggings is a top choice for the summertime as it can pretty much be paired with anything you want.
This hairstyle continues to make a comeback year after year. It could be a go-to for the summer '16.
That's right Zubaz is still around and is still being worn. Some professional athletes continue to support this popular 80s style in both the short and long renditions.
Sperry Topsider
A pair of Sperry boat shoes are going to help you get through the summer '16 because of it's versatility.
There is no doubting the continued success of vans and these will be a staple in many closets for summer '16.
Photo Cred: Rich Niewiroski Jr.
Ray-Ban Wayfarer
What better way to block the glare from the sun than in a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarer style sunglasses?

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