25 80s Sitcom Characters We Will Never Forget

When it comes to 80s sitcoms, the characters were endless. There were characters who knew how to be lovable and mischievous at the same time. Characters who pulled at your heart strings and characters whose smiles were just so infectious.


We decided to compile 25 characters we thought would only continue to transcend generations thanks to their abilities to make us laugh, cry and feel whatever it is they were feeling. These awesome characters are able to bring us joy and hopefully this little flashback will bring you some nostalgic joy as well.

You can check out the 25 80s Sitcom Characters We Will Never Forget in our slideshow below.

25 80s Sitcom Characters We Will Never Forget

Sam Malone - Cheers
Who could ever forget Sam Malone, an ex-pitcher who one of the coolest bars in Boston. It was filled with hilarious characters but Malone, the main character, was golden.
Alex P. Keaton - Family Ties
Not only was Alex P. Keaton a heartthrob for the ladies, he was also a pretty memorable character that was perfected by Michael J. Fox.
Rose Nylun - The Golden Girls
Rose Nylun was one of the greatest characters in television. Betty White is a riot and no one could resist her comedic charm.
Mike Seaver - Growing Pains
Mike Seaver was the mischievous teen with a comeback for everything. Between his back and forth conversations with his siblings and his parents, Seaver always remained cool.
Arnold Jackson - Diff'rent Strokes
"Whachu talkin' bout," that was the famous phrase that will forever be remembered by Diff'rent Stroke fans, thanks to Arnold Jackson.
Penelope 'Punky' Brewster - Punky Brewster
Punky Brewster was a little girl with knowledge beyond her years and a knack for saying some of the darnedest things.
Dorothy Tootie Ramsey - The Facts of Life
Tootie had some of the most memorable moments of The Facts of Life and she really knew how to liven up any situation.
George Jefferson - The Jeffersons
George Jefferson never once held back what he had to say. He is one of the funniest characters to ever grace TV and won't ever be forgotten.
Chrissy Snow - Three's Company
Three's Company was filled with memorable characters, including the stereotypical blonde Chrissy Snow. If you ever wanted to be confused, just listen to Chrissy's logic on anything.
Jack Tripper - Three's Company
Jack Tripper was in one of the coolest positions that any guy would want to be in. He also handled it in a way that brought us all so much laughter.
Alf was a pretty hilarious little alien. He knew how to use his alien intelligence for our comedic relief.
Lynn Belvedere - Mr. Belvedere
Mr. Belvedere is one of the coolest butlers to ever grace the 80s.
Tony Micelli - Who's The Boss?
Tony definitely had us going plenty of times when it came to his relationship with Angela, however, we always knew where his heart was.
B.A. Baracus - A-Team
One of the toughest characters that Mr. T played, except when it came down to flying. Oh how he hated flying.
Charles - Charles in Charge
You wouldn't find this scenario happening today, but Charles embodied that cool baby-sitter who could handle any situation.
Joanie Cunningham - Happy Days
Joanie was one of the best characters in Happy Days, her feelings for Chachi finally came to fruition in the end.
Steven Urkel - Family Matters
Barely making the 80s list by a couple of months is Steve Urkel and his nerdy adventures. You can't not laugh at some of his punchlines.
Al Bundy - Married With Children
Al Bundy knew how to bring out the tears of laughter and thankfully Ed O'Neill is still bringing us laughter today.
Peggy Bundy - Married With Children
What would Al be without Peggy. It wasn't Married With Children without an "Oh Al!" from Peggy.
Allie - Kate and Allie
Oh don't worry. We know you can't have one with the other but Allie was just so darn perfect for Jane Curtin to play.
Kate - Kate and Allie
Here's Allie's partner in crime and best friend in the whole world. She was equally as hilarious and caring when it came to the kids.
George Utley - Newhart
Tom Poston was as funny as ever when he played George Utley on Newhart.
Webster Long - Webster
Man was this show awesome and so to was little Webster who captivated us for 6 seasons.
Maxwell Klinger - M.A.S.H.
Who could forget the many faces of Maxwell? Jamie Farr totally managed to get his character right at all times.
Zack Morris - Saved By The Bell
Zack barely made the cut but the fact that Saved By The Bell first aired in 1989, helps the mischievous, cunning and hilarious Zack Morris a part of the list.

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