The Very Best 80s Michael Jordan Costume

Michael Jordan is one of the athletes that completely redefined the game of basketball and the sports world as a whole. He is known as the greatest of all time for a reason and we decided to come up with The Very Best 80s Michael Jordan Costume.

(The Very Best 80s Michael Jordan Costume Below)

The costume we’ve prepared isn’t really for the colder parts of the world, as it is an exact copy of Jordan’s uniform from his time with the Chicago Bulls, where he captured a total of six championships with teammates like Scottie Pippen.

Jordan’s influence is so intense that his signature sneakers have been retroed year after year and quickly jump off of the shelves. Thankfully this is just a four-piece outfit that doesn’t take long to throw on at all.

The Chicago Bulls 23 home jersey is a must when it comes to this costume. It’s followed by the matching shorts, however, it’s got to be the short shorts that Jordan sported. That’s really one of the most defining aspects of the 80s Chicago Bulls.

We can move on to the white tube socks and the Air Jordan Retro 1 in black and red or the Air Jordan 1.5 version of the sneaker which is a lot less expensive and more accessible.

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