36 80s Films That Are Getting A Remake

Let’s be honest, the 80s were filled with amazing films that are just so awesome, modern-day directors want to take a crack at them. So we compiled a slideshow of 36 80s Films That Are Getting A Remake.


A lot of these films are just in talks, however, plenty of them have the ability to see a big screen release. It should be interesting to see how fast we actually get one of these to theaters but just going through the slide alone should generate a ton of nostalgia.

There is everything from Splash to Bloodsport on this list of 80s classics. There isn’t a genre that isn’t covered and we truly hope to see someone these very soon. You can check out our slideshow filled with 36 80s Films That Are Getting A Remake. Did we miss a couple? Let us know any films we may have missed or even some 80s films you would love to see a remake/reboot of in the comments section below.

36 80s Films That Are Getting A Remake

Akira - 1988
This film is currently awaiting a script and director however, Warner Bros. is looking to bring Akira back to life.
Alien Nation - 1988
Jeff Nichols is said to be the director for the remake of the film while the Holloway brothers are whipping up the screenplay.
An American Werewolf in London - 1981
The son of John Landis, Max, is trying his hand at one of the classic 80s horrifying and comedic mashups.
Big Trouble in Little China - 1986
Here's an 80's film that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson will have the ability to shine in but it could be some time before we see it come to fruition.
The Blob - 1988
While there are still a couple of rumors surrounding a release date, some signs are pointing towards 2017.
Bloodsport - 1988
This Jean-Claude Van Damme film is a classic but the remake is still being developed.
Blue Thunder - 1983
Craig Kyle is currently the man in charge of the Blue Thunder remake that Sony is supporting.
Clue - 1985
A film that is also a classic board game? What could be more awesome than a remake of that? Hasbro and 20th Century Fox is trying to make this one come to fruition.
Das Boot - 1981
Little is known about this remake but rumors are swirling.
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels - 1988
The Steve Martin classic is getting a remake with actress, Rebel Wilson but there is no release scheduled.
The Entity - 1982
James Wan has been delivering some super creepy films so it's no surprise that he has been tapped to direct this scary remake.
Road House - 1989
This classic Patrick Swayze film is getting an overhaul. For starters, UFC Women's fighter Rhonda Rousey is actually going to play the lead role.
Scarface - 1983
The Scarface may be quite a ways from seeing the light of day, however, word is, it'll be set in Los Angeles.
Short Circuit - 1986
The movie that undoubtedly had to inspire the modern day Wall-E had been in talks but chatter has gone quiet.
Splash - 1984
The remake of the Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah film Splash is going to be a complete flip from the original. Modern day heartthrob Channing Tatum will assume the role of a merman while Jillian Bell will take on Hanks' role.
The Toxic Avenger - 1984
A screenplay for the film has been completed however there hasn't been word on production.
WarGames - 1983
There isn't too much information on this remake but Dean Israelite is hoping kick it into gear.
Weird Science - 1985
The remake for Weird Science is still being scripted but we're expecting some pretty big humor from Michael Bacall.
First Blood - 1982
There was a new wave Rambo film with Sylvester Stallone, however, it looks like the remake in question will feature an all new cast hence the title Rambo: New Blood.
Red Sonja - 1985
The Red Sonja remake has been in talks for years and after Rose McGowan, Megan Fox and Amber Heard all went through talks of play Sonja over the years, the film took a little step back.
Pumpkinhead - 1988
Producer Peter Block has teased Easter eggs and similarities to the 1988 horror film.
Flight of The Navigator - 1986
This remake is not yet set in stone but it has been rumored that director Colin Trevorrow, will be working on the show.
Flash Gordon - 1980
There is no telling when this film will see a release or when it will commence filming. However, 80s film fans will have some pretty high expectations.
Friday The 13th - 1980
Let's face it, this film has been remade and additional installments were added. So, can they make Jason Voorhees any scarier?
Escape From New York - 1981
A new film featuring that classic character Snake Plissken was in the works, however, it doesn't look like there is a rush for it.
Private Benjamin - 1980
It looks like Rebel Wilson may very well be trying to get her hands on the role for the remake on a Goldie Hawn classic.
Explorers - 1985
Paramount Pictures is backing a remake of this film with young River Phoenix and Ethan Hawke.
The Howling - 1981
Here's one of those classic werewolf films unlike the modern-day twists we saw with Twilight.
Highlander - 1986
Could Connor MacLeod be making a return? It looks like this film is still coming together with WWE's Dave Bautista set to assume the role as Kurgan. Ryan Reynolds, who plays Deadpool, was set to take on the main role but is no longer attached to the project.
Hellrasier - 1987
The creepy Pinhead character is awaiting a green-light from a production company for an all new reboot.
Police Academy - 1984
It's very hard to think up a modern day cast that could replace these comedians. However, Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele will take on the job of producing the film and given their comedic ability, we have faith in them.
Pet Semetary - 1989
A creepy Stephen King remake? We'd totally be down with that one. That being said the remake is apparently undergoing a bit of plastic surgery for a bit of a makeover.
Major League - 1989
This comedic baseball gem is only in talks for a reboot.
Masters of the Universe - 1987
Dolph Lundgren was a pretty awesome He-Man in Master of the Universe so it'll be interesting to see who gets casted as the classic 80s character.
Naked Gun - 1988
Leslie Nielsen led an awesome case in this comedy and a screenplay for the remake is in the works.
Conan The Barbarian - 1982
The remake of this film will not be in conjunction with the 2011 remake. So, it looks like there will be yet another shot at reliving an 80s classic.

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