50 Current Songs Which Sound Like 80s Songs

While we can can hope disco and 1970s music never makes a comeback, the sounds of the 80s can be heard in some of today’s biggest hits.

At least that’s the premise behind a new article from the folks at Vulture.com which details “The 50 Best Modern Songs That Sound Like the 1980s .” These are songs with 1980s staples like synthesizers, big production, and a sound that harkens back to when parachute pants were cool.

Okay, parachute pants may never have been cool, but the team at Vulture explains its list as follows:

There are countless tracks since 2010 (the time frame we’re using as our definition of “modern”) that borrow from the ’80s, and a great deal of them should be embarrassed by neither their sound nor its provenance. Here are the ones we consider to be the 50 best, lovingly presented with respect and awe for that amazing, strange, and often groundbreaking era.

Basically, these are songs crafted using what made 80s music great. They aren’t tributes to the time or even necessarily intentional winks to the 80s, but what worked then works now and music tends to recycle good ideas.

You won’t know all of these artists (or maybe any of them) but the music is worth a listen as the songs really do borrow heavily from the 1980s.


Author: Dan

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